Floods in Dubai. The wet cat fought to survive, the recording went around the world

Floods in Dubai. The wet cat fought to survive
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Huge downpour in the United Arab Emirates. On Tuesday, powerful clouds hovered over Dubai, flooding and paralyzing the entire city. The floods caused many victims. A recording of a soaked cat fighting for survival while clinging to one of the cars has gone viral around the world.

Massive flooding in Dubai. A city paralyzed by water

Just a few days ago, April 16 of this year. Severe weather disturbances occurred in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Extremely intense rains and a powerful storm transformed the city’s streets into raging torrents, and some neighborhoods were cut off from the world.

The flood caused enormous damage. As a result of the disaster, not only cars were destroyed, but also houses, office buildings, the metro and Dubai airport. According to meteorologists in the United Arab Emirates, their country has experienced a record amount of rainfall since 1949, when the country did not yet exist. Remember that the United Arab Emirates was created on December 2, 1971.

A cat one of the victims of the Dubai floods. He fought bravely to survive

Following massive flooding in Dubai, many people needed help. Besides the injured, there were also frightened animals. The recording of a cat rescue operation quickly spread around the world.

In a video released by the Dubai Government Media Office, we see a black and white cat fighting for survival against a rushing stream. The mustachioed and completely soaked creature bravely clings to the protruding part of the car with its front paws. The door handle of one of the vehicles half submerged in water proved to be a saving grace for the fur baby. The policeman noticed the helpless victim and rushed to his aid.

Policeman saves cat during Dubai flood

One of the Dubai Local Police officers noticed the cat screaming for help. Using the lifeboat, the uniformed officer swam to the cat and heroically helped it.

The animal was initially frightened and wanted to run away, but after a while it found itself safely on the ground with its rescuer. The furball was completely soaked and scared. Fortunately, help arrived in time and a tragic flood was avoided.

The recording of the rescue operation has already spread almost all over the world. You can see them here:

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