Fluffy Dog ​​Fails As A Sheepdog Because Sheep Think He Is One Of Them


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Friendly fluffy dog ​​who was meant to be a sheepdog, fails at job because sheep ignore her

This shaggy dog ​​unfortunately fails as a sheepdog because of his adorable physical appearance. The four-year-old Tibetan Terrier has always followed the parameters of being a sheepdog, but it looks like life would change his fate.

Nala does whatever she needs to keep the sheep, but they don’t seem to take her seriously because she looks so much like them.

Jamie Beau Brewer runs a family farm on Broadway, Worcestershire, home to 200 sheep and other animals. The man needed help with the sheep, so he started looking for a sheepdog to help him with this difficult task.

Fluffy dog ​​fails as a sheepdog

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

He welcomed Nala when she was just a little baby, and from that point on he tried to teach her everything about caring for the sheep. Unfortunately, after learning to keep sheep, life seemed to have another purpose in Nala’s existence due to her appearance.

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

She has always been characterized by abundant, fluffy white fur and a small black nose, which makes her look a lot like a sheep.

Jamie told METRO:

I was looking for a sheepdog and came across a Tibetan terrier breed well known to be sheepdogs and decided to buy Nala

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

Since she was little, her pastoral instinct made her attack sheep with a few barks, but they didn’t pay much attention to her because of her size. Now every time she goes out to look after them she ends up playing with the sheep and they don’t take her seriously because they think she is one of them.

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

Nala wants to do her job, but she is very weak in her posture and always gives in when it’s time to run after her friends.

Jamie added:

She’s a failed work bitch and now she spends most of her time at home, lying on someone’s lap.

The dog tried to do her job, but when the sheep found out it was her, they knew they could get away with it.

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

Sometimes she manages to get them to the door, but never got to finish his full job, so she gets bored in the middle of his homework. Decidedly, Nala’s sweet appearance made her sheepdog mission a complete failure, and she must devote herself to something else.

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

Jamie commented:

People often think she looks like one of the lambs.

She still keeps going out with the intention of helping Jamie, but his presence ends up being just a decorative element to brighten up the day.

fluffy dog fails as sheepdog

Nala is very spoiled, and despite the fact that she does not fulfill her chores, her family will continue to love her for the rest of her life.