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Foldex | Cat Breed Information & Facts – Pictures

Foldex is a hybrid cat that emerged as a result of mating between Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair breeds. Known for being friendly, affectionate and intelligent, the Foldex cat has a stocky appearance and a cute structure. It is famous for its folded ears with rounded tips. Fascinating with its intelligence and calmness, Foldex is a complete family cat. Let’s get to know the Foldex cat better.

Foldex cat photos

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Physical characteristics

These cats are in the medium-sized cat breed class. Their heads are round in shape and larger than other cat breeds. Their eyes are small and round. Eye rims are flatter than other cats. Its ears also distinguish it from other cats. They have large but short and small ears. It is curved downwards. Its legs are short. Their noses are closer to their eyes, in the middle and small. As a physical feature, they are cute animals. This beautiful-looking cat breed is very suitable for you to spend time in your home.

The fur of Foldex cats is long and short. They are soft and do not shed much. There are no specific feather colors. It is possible to come across this cat breed in almost every color and pattern. There are mainly Foldexs with white gray striped feathers. Although they are medium in size, they do not grow much. Their tails are shorter than average. He is able to develop enough to perform physical movements. Therefore, it can grow quickly if its health is regularly checked and fed.

Character and behavior

Foldexs are friendly, approachable cats. Cats that are male, especially, are closer and warmer to their owners. They are friendly and can get used to everyone quickly. Because they are very attached to their owners, they always want to play, sleep and spend time with you. Therefore, it can be fed very well at home. If you are alone at home, it would be the right decision to choose this type of cat to spend time.

Positive Features

Foldex cats are generally quiet. This cat breed loves to play. Due to their friendly nature, they usually get along well with people, children and other animals. When they are alone for a short time, they can spend time playing games by themselves. Their care is comfortable and trouble-free compared to many cat breeds. It will not take much of your time when fed at home.

Negative Features

They can cause problems at home due to their excessive game addiction. For example, their slightly mischievous side may cause them to damage the items in the house. They are self-indulgent and careless. They expect attention. For this reason, if you are someone with a busy life, you should not own this cat breed. Otherwise, they may disrupt many routines such as eating out of indifference. They are prone to stress because they have aspects that require constant attention.


In general, there are hereditary diseases in breed cats. At the beginning of these diseases, there are diseases such as heart, mouth and dental diseases, joint problems, ear and eye infections. For this reason, veterinary support and care and vaccinations are required. Health checks should be done by taking him to the veterinarian regularly. Regular health checks do not cause any long-term health problems.

There are many racial diseases known in the Foldex cat breed, also known as the Exotic Shorthair. It is possible that the problem of eye discharge, which is seen in all of the ancestors of Persian Cats, is also seen in some kittens of this cat breed. For this reason, if you suspect any eye disease, you should definitely talk to a veterinarian and start the necessary treatment. You should also follow the treatment privately with the veterinarian.

Since the eye discharge in such cats is a hereditary disease, it will not completely disappear as a result of drug treatment. You may need to use medications such as drops, creams, and pills, depending on the situation, throughout your cat’s life. Some Foldex cats may have respiratory problems when they reach adulthood. It is possible that they will have difficulty in breathing after a while related to the nasal structures.

They are genetically predisposed to many diseases. Among these diseases, it is possible to see polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, cataracts and heart diseases. There may be a problem in the formation of the upper eyelid due to the shape of the eye. This can cause eyelid agenesis. It is also possible for them to be obese because of their gluttony. That’s why regular nutrition is very important. You should avoid excessive consumption of food.


Unlike other cats, Foldex cats are more comfortable in terms of care. As with every cat, cleaning is an important start for cat care when caring for a Foldex cat. In general, you need to keep all the items that the cat will use and your house, which is your cat’s living space, clean. At regular intervals, you should properly disinfect the container that meets the food, water and toilet needs. In addition, you can wash and clean their toys so that they do not swallow fluff and dust.

The brands of food and litter you will use must be of high quality. Of course, you don’t have to use extremely expensive products when talking about quality. For affordable and quality products, you can research on the internet, consult your veterinarian or pet shop. In this way, you can procure the best nutritional products for yourself and keep your health under control.

In general, they are easy to care for, but they can be a little troublesome in terms of feather care. In terms of its feathers, it needs constant care. Every day or every other day, you need to comb their hair with a suitable comb. In general, cats need to be bathed 3 or 4 times a year. This does not apply to the Foldex cat breed. These cats need a monthly bath. Hair needs to be dried after washing. For this process, you can help dry your cat’s hair by using a dryer that does not blow too hot.

History of the breed

If we talk about the history of the Foldex cat breed, these cats were first seen in Canada in the 1950s, and it is a cat whose lineage has been continued since then. It emerged as a result of the mating of American Shorthair and Persian Cat.

This breed, which has been the subject of many studies, is very similar to Burmese and Russian Blue cats in terms of genetic characteristics. For this reason, it was not accepted as a new race at first. Later, in 1967, the breed was accepted as Foldex or, in other words, Exotic Shorthair.

These cats, who have inherited many of the good features of their ancestors, are very close and intelligent. It is possible to get used to the bring-and-go commands by training them as if you were training a dog. They are suitable cats for apartment life. They can easily adapt to the home environment.

Although their body is chubby, they are quite agile, athletic, active and have high energy. It is a rare breed. Therefore, the market value can be quite high in some regions. It is a cat breed that can move quite actively when fed at home.



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