This Former Dentist Left Everything To Save More Than 200 Abandoned Dogs

former dentist left everything save abandoned dogs

People tend to give greater priority to material belongings than their pets when there are periods of crisis; That is the situation that Greece is currently going through, and for which there is a considerable amount of abandoned dogs. Fortunately, an admirable man has rescued more than 200 stray dogs, he has taken it upon himself to help them and promote their adoption.

Theoklitos Proestakis, also known as “Takis”, is a 44-year-old dentist who decided to put his career aside to devote most of his time to the beautiful work of rescuing street animals. About 3 years ago, this admirable man created his own shelter called Takis Shelter which is located in Ierapetra, Crete.

former dentist left everything save abandoned dogs

 The difficult financial situation of Greece has prompted families to leave their pets because they do not have the necessary resources to support them in terms of food and veterinary services, but this man has given all his love to these precious abandoned animals without expecting anything In return.

Generally, the dogs that Takis cares for are in a critical health situation, but this does not prevent him from extending his hand, for him all are extremely important regardless of their condition, he distributes his love and care to everyone because he knows that they are valuable creatures in need.

Every day, Takis rescues at least one dog and spends his time sharing through his Facebook page each of the cases that come to his shelter, hoping to find a home or some kind of help for them. animals.

former dentist left everything save abandoned dogs

Takis said:

One day I went to the garbage dump and saw horrible and crazy things there. There were many dogs, and they had broken legs, they were starving, they were skinny, sick and dying. It horrified me. I just wanted to help them. So I started taking care of them, giving them food and water, I was so happy when they started to get stronger. However, the people living in the neighborhood started to get mad at me and told me that they were going to kill the dogs as they were becoming a nuisance. So I started the shelter as a place where I could keep them safe.

Lesley Kackson, who is friends with Takis stated:

I think the number of dogs that are being abandoned now is directly related to the financial crisis. Nobody has a single dog, everyone has about five or six, that is one of the reasons why many end up dumped as garbage. There is no culture of neutering dogs here, so there are many people who abandon puppies that they do not want and cannot care for.

former dentist left everything save abandoned dogs

“Takis works seven days a week and then he goes home from the shelter and immediately starts posting photos of the dogs online, trying to find a home for them. Not a day goes by without finding another abandoned dog.

Admirable man has rescued more than 200 abandoned dogs

former dentist left everything save abandoned dogs

Takis had to sell his car, his caravan and apply for loans so as not to let the shelter collapse, which he also supports thanks to donations from people outside of Greece.

This admirable man decided to create a campaign to raise money on YouCaring, where people can donate to the shelter. Fortunately, Takis’ expectations of raising $ 1705 were exceeded with the amount of $ 26,505

“This is my life” said Takis “It’s difficult, but I love it. I work very hard here, but when I see the dogs happy and enjoying themselves and learning to trust people again, then it is all worth it.

Takis is undoubtedly a great human being, his love for these animals is immense, and he has shown it with every act of kindness towards them in a totally selfless way.

More info: Takis Shelter

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