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Legendary Formula 1 driver devastated by death of his dog. He pointed the finger at those responsible

Rubens Barrichello and his loved ones are going through difficult times. The Formula 1 driver lost his beloved friend. His dog named Speedy still had many years ahead of him, but unfortunately, due to people’s fault, the innocent creature fell ill. The animal could not be saved. The man clarified who was responsible for the death of his pet.

Rubens Barrichello lost a family member

The death of a best friend, which for many people is a dog or a cat, is always a traumatic experience. It is difficult for us to accept the loss of a beloved pet, especially when the actions of other people contributed to the pet’s death. Some errors cannot be repaired. However, other animal guardians should be warned of this unexpected threat.

Rubens Barrichello had to say goodbye to his most faithful friend. Recently, the former racing driver published a moving recording on social networks in which he presented to fans the circumstances of this dramatic event. Her beloved dog became seriously ill after people who had not thought through the consequences of their actions set a death trap for her.

The former Formula 1 driver cannot accept the death of his pet. “My Speedy, you left too soon”

Although the legendary Formula 1 driver never won the world title, he won more starts than the famous Michael Schumacher. Rubens Barrichello has been on the podium as many as 68 times, including 11 times in Grand Prix. He ended his career in 2012.

Man has always loved animals. He cared for several dogs and his last four-legged charge was a dog named Speedy. His beloved pet accompanied the man in many daily activities, including: He watched Formula 1 races with him.

Formula 1 driver devastated death dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had a strong hunting instinct, so Barrichello wasn’t too concerned about the dog’s sudden disappearances during walks. The animal usually returned after a while. For some time now, however, she had her favorite place that she visited on every walk.

For fans of the former racing driver, the devastating news of Speedy’s death came as a real surprise. The tragedy that affected Barrichello and his family was announced on February 24 via social networks.

“My Speedy, you are gone too soon, my friend. Thank you for being here and accompanying us on our journey together in this world. You will forever remain in our hearts,” said the distraught owner in a recording posted on his Instagram profile.

Formula 1 driver devastated death dog

The man did not expect any danger there. He accuses smokers of being responsible for the death of the dog

Barrichello said the dog was starting to show signs of being unwell. The animal became sullen and rocked on its legs, so the man immediately took the dog to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, Speedy died from intestinal complications related to the consumption of a substance dangerous to him. There were up to 11 cigarette butts in his stomach.

After the dog died, the man went to the place his dog often visited. It turned out there was a pile of cigarette butts there. In his recording, Barrichello decided to address people who litter in common areas and to warn dog owners about the danger posed by cigarette scraps people intentionally leave behind.

“As I said at the beginning of the recording, it’s sad, very, very sad. It’s not just a problem with the cigarette butt itself, it’s also a problem with litter. Waste must be thrown in the trash. We collect dog waste and throw it away. So I think it would be good for everyone if people who smoke cigarettes also had this attitude” – launched the former Formula 1 driver.

Unfortunately, his pet’s life cannot be restored in any way. The man can only believe that his friend is happy and that he will surely wait faithfully for him beyond the rainbow bridge.

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