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After four months of disappearance, a cat finally finds its owner

A domestic cat was rescued by two maintenance workers on the A10 service area in Dœuil-sur-le-Mignon (Charente-Maritime) on December 13, 2023. Its owner had been desperately looking for it for almost four months.

On December 13, a cat was rescued by two maintenance agents from Vinci Autoroutes, Francine and Sophie, on the A10 area in Dœuil-sur-le-Mignon (Charente-Maritime). The one and a half year old animal named Taccos was able to find his owner four months after his disappearance, as reported by Sud-Ouest on Wednesday December 27, 2023. The little feline was spotted for the first time on December 12.

Although frightened, he allowed the two women to approach it, leading them to conclude that “it belongs to someone and it is lost”, as one of them explained. They returned the next day with a travel box and managed to bring the animal inside with cat food.

A moving reunion followed

four months disappearance cat finds owner
Vinci Autoroutes

They then went to the nearest toll booth, which was equipped with a microchip reader. This allowed them to obtain the identity of the cat and its owner’s information, as reported by Sud-Ouest. The owner was a resident of Villeneuve-la-Comtesse, located 5 km from the place where the animal was found. He was contacted by the police and immediately went to the scene.

“When I arrived at the Niort motorway area, he jumped into my arms,” says the owner, deeply moved. Over the past four months, Taccos has lost 1.5 kg. The owner also found him “full of parasites”, but overall, he was in good health. Today, the owner still doesn’t know how the cat disappeared. “Maybe he wandered off or got lost,” he mused.

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