This dog does not intend to expect food. Meet the French Bulldog whose very unusual howl – which looks like a human cry

French Bulldog Walter howl

The owner of the French Bulldog named Walter showed how his pet asks for food. We must admit that sounds seem to be confused with the tears of a child. We wonder if their neighbors think in the same way.

In recent years, French Bulldogs have been popular in the world. Their lovers can be found everywhere, because they are really sensitive animals with a simple personality. However, Walter proves that representatives of his race are able to frankly demand what they want.

Bulldog does not hide that he wants to eat

Meet the French bulldog named Walter Geoffrey, whose opera’s performance is known for a long time. Amber Martin is well aware of the fact that his dog begins to scream and require ostentatious attention when she is annoyed or ignored by her owner. The proof is the recording made available on Tiktok, where Walter again shows his vocal skills.

In the video, you can hear a terrifying groan of the kitchen and although at the beginning, he recalls a crying child, Amber has no doubt that the aggressor is no one else, but his dog. When she runs with a camera behind the counter, she sees her dog sitting on the ground.

The strong complaint is that the French bulldog does not want to accept to introduce a diet. Despair is overwhelmed because it can no longer obtain more treats. It is difficult for him to accept this situation because he is a real Bacon fan.

“He will no longer get a bacon”

Apparently, noisy crying is something that this dog is already used to. She ensures that such “quarrels” have recently arrived at them very often. Walter expresses his opinion very strongly and makes a serious face at the same time, which, however, for most Internet users, seems to dismantle.

Even soft eyes are unable to convince Walter owners to offer delicacy. Although dogs love them, they must be dosed, especially in the case of dogs belonging to races with a tendency to gain weight. Although animals may not understand the intentions of their owners, that’s it for their health.

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Walter is a real star

Internet users do not hide the way the dog arises for an additional part of Bacon entertains them. As part of the video, we will find hundreds of comments from different parts of the world:

– I never heard that the dog had sounded this way – wrote one of the commentators.

– I thought it was a child who was crying – adds another network user.

– I know what you feel, Walter!

It turns out that it is not the only video with Walter in the main role that captivated Internet users. On the profile under the name “Waltergeoffrey”, we will find many materials, where there is a dog in the main role giving unforgettable vocal performance.

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