Friendly Stray Cat Appears At The Window Asking To Be Let In

friendly stray cat pops up window

For more than a year, a friendly stray cat used to visit the window of a house in Brooklyn, New York, hoping to get a little help and meet some of his needs.

Before long, the cat became friends with a young woman who lived in the house, and she began feeding him whenever she saw him. That is why the orange feline was not lacking with his daily visits and he made it clear that this place would be his source of food.

Unfortunately, at the end of May, the kitten returned to the window with an injury to his ear and asked for help, meowing desperately.

Friendly cat appears asking for help

friendly stray cat pops up window

The young woman approached to check it and noticed her wound on her ear, she immediately realized that she had to help him urgently.

The cat was friendly and intelligent, and he knew that in this house they could give him the help that he so badly needed.

friendly stray cat pops up window

With the help of her family, the young woman was able to catch the cat and take it to the Little Wanderers NYC Rescue Center for care.

The kitten named Carlton was sick and the cut on his ear needed to be stitched up, luckily there they would help him with everything.

Lisa Scroggins, co-founder of the shelter, told The Dodo:

“We have never received so many rescue requests for kittens, mothers, sick and injured animals.”

friendly stray cat pops up window

Carlton had endured a lot of trouble living on the streets, but despite it he was a loving, sweet and very friendly kitten. Veterinarians believe that he is approximately five years old and a medical examination revealed that he was suffering from FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

However, his health problems would not prevent him from having a normal life, although there are many myths about the virus on the part of people.

friendly stray cat pops up window

Carianne, a volunteer foster mother living in Staten Island, New York, learned about Carlton’s story on social media and volunteered to help him.

The woman told Love Meow:

“All rescue centers at the moment are full of rescued animals due to the kitten season and also the exaggerated population that has spread from last year.”

The shelter accepted her help and brought Carlton to his new foster home, and when he arrived he was distrustful, but he soon showed his true personality.

friendly stray cat pops up window

Carlton became a gentle soul and was happy to be cared for, especially since he would never have to worry about surviving on the streets again.

Carianne added:

“A large part of his hair was matted and the wound on his ear needed cleaning around the sutures. He’s missing a lot of teeth, but he loves the food I give him. It was easy to win his trust because he really loves people.”

Every time he’s around one of his caretakers, the adorable Carlton melts into his arms and lets them hug and cuddle him.

The kitten always enjoys the company of his adoptive parents, and usually walks around the house looking for some attention and love.

Carianne commented:

“He is like a great friendly mountain lion. He gives you a head butt if you don’t stroke him enough and he falls on his back to have his belly rubbed. He is the perfect cat, whoever ends up adopting him will be very lucky.”

friendly stray cat pops up window

The sweet tabby feline has managed to fully recover, thanks to the help of the shelter and the people who managed to rescue it from the streets. He now he is ready to find a forever home, although it will be a bit difficult due to his suffering.

friendly stray cat pops up window

However, if there is a cat that deserves a second chance in his life, he is the friendly Carlton, as he only seeks to be loved forever.

If you are interested in adopting Carlton, you can complete an application here.

Images: Facebook/ Little Wanderers NYC

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