A frightened chihuahua abandoned in a kennel wouldn’t stop shaking – that’s how a 90-year-old hero came onto the scene

frightened chihuahua abandoned 90-year-old hero

A story of love at first sight between a 90-year-old World War II hero and a frightened chihuahua has become an online hit. And people just can’t get enough of this cute duo.

Allen, who was a soldier in World War II, was grieving after the death of his dog. He became depressed, so friends from an organization called Meals on Wheels decided to take him to a dog adoption day at a local pet store.

That day, the dogs from Dallas Animal Services arrived at the store. And what Alan didn’t know was that he was about to meet the perfect girlfriend.

Coco, 3 years old, was very suspicious of people and kept shaking in fear. But when she met Alan, her fear disappeared in an instant.

“As soon as we put Coco on her knees, she stopped shaking,” members of the association wrote on Facebook. “He didn’t want to say goodbye to her, even for a few minutes, just to fill out the paperwork.”

It was clear to everyone that they were made for each other, and they seemed to realize it from the moment they met.

“It was an instant connection for both of them,” said Nicole Hernandez, the association’s director. “She didn’t take her eyes off him and he didn’t stop smiling at her.”

Alan left the store that day with his girlfriend in his arms. One of the members of the association is happy that Coco is still protected.

“Coco knows that you can always count on a soldier to watch over you,” she writes. “Just like he did for us many years ago. Thank you sir for your service.”

Alan may not be young, but it would be heartbreaking if they couldn’t be together. And that’s why Alan’s friends and family are ready to help whenever Coco or Alan needs it.

The bond between an animal and a human can sometimes be so strong that it heals a broken heart. And it’s clear that’s what happened here; These two are made for each other! Please share this happy story with your friends and family.

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