This Gardener And His Dog Have A Special Way Of Planting Without Using A Shovel

gardener and his dog plant without shovel

The gardener and his dog have a special and fun way to dig holes in the ground to plant in the garden without using a shovel.

We’ve always taught our dogs that digging holes in the garden isn’t a good pastime, but this sweet Labrador has brought life to digging holes in the ground; So, when his dad wanted to decorate his garden a bit, he decided to give it a hand.

There is no doubt that the talents of this sweet little dog are not wasted on his father and they are having a great time together in the garden.

The gardener and his dog have a particular way of planting

gardener with his dog

The man, a user of the social network Reddit like Georgeyk17, shared a video where we can see his dog’s ability to garden.

gardener and his dog plant

Generally, this work which requires physical effort and a shovel, for Georgeyk17 it is not something so complex since he has an excellent assistant, the man only tells him where to dig and the adorable dog begins.

Certainly, with this gardening companion, it is not a boring task to plant and decorate your garden. This gardener and his dog can even set a landscape trend.

The man, referring to his great assistant, said on his reddit account:

“[She] has never dug up a plant in 4.5 years.”

They certainly make a great team and have a lot of fun decorating and planting together in the garden.

Images: Reddit / Georgeyk17

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