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A giant schnauzer “met himself” during a walk, but in a miniature version. The video took the internet by storm

Duke is just a 9-month-old giant schnauzer with a friendly and curious temperament, who usually dominates the dogs he meets on a walk. Things turned out completely differently when the dog came across an eerily similar dog, ten times smaller than him. The animal’s reaction was so comical that it became a hit on social media. The video showing a giant schnauzer getting to know a miniature schnauzer has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

There are many different sizes of schnauzer. The giant dog was shocked during a walk

Duke is a handsome bearded dog representing a larger version of the smaller schnauzers. The giants reach up to 70 cm in height and 50 kg in body weight, and yet they are certainly the calmest of the schnauzers. They are characterized by gentleness, good nature and understanding, therefore families with children often decide to adopt representatives of this breed.

The dog who is the hero of this article is less than a year old, and his size is already larger than that of the vast majority of dogs. Duke, because we’re talking about him, is the incarnation of calm with a slightly libertine character. One of the things that surprised him the most in his short life was meeting a miniature version of himself. The dog, reaching his chest, was almost identical, only 10 times smaller.

giant schnauzer met himself miniature version

They were the same and completely different at the same time

Duke’s owners, Vanessa and Andy, know that their dog is not aggressive towards other animals or people. However, they are well aware that its size can overwhelm some walkers, especially children. Therefore, they are always very careful when introducing their pet to new people and new dogs, but when they came across a Miniature Schnauzer on a walk, they couldn’t help but to check how their pet would react.

giant schnauzer met himself miniature version

The large pup couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at the creature that seemed to be a smaller copy of himself. Visibly confused, he began to carefully sniff the little dog, and after making sure he was in no danger, he quickly switched to play mode.

A bearded dog with a big heart. Every schnauzer is a wonderful dog

It only took a few moments for Duke to start encouraging his new friend to play. The giant puppy was full of energy and eager to get into mischief. Moreover, his miniature counterpart seemed positively disposed to his proposal. Unfortunately, the leashed animals could not freely carry out their crazy visions. They had to settle for a short acquaintance, which had a huge impact on social networks.

giant schnauzer met himself miniature version

The recording of this unusual situation quickly became a hit on social networks. Many netizens have pointed out that all schnauzers, regardless of their size, are excellent dogs. However, we cannot admit that the differences in body weight between the miniature and giant versions are impressive. It should be added that miniature schnauzers weigh a maximum of 9 kg and do not exceed 35 cm in height.

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