The Ginger Cat At The Shelter Has Never Known Love. This Is How He Reacted When He Was Covered In Kisses

ginger cat shelter never known love reacted covered kisses

A rescued cat experiences love for the first time when his new owner showers him with tender kisses. The reaction of a purr can melt even the toughest guy’s heart. No wonder the video went viral so quickly.

The video, which captured extremely touching moments featuring a man and his foster cat, was first posted on TikTok and later on the popular Reddit forum. Since then, the film has already collected more than 76,000 votes, and the number continues to grow.

Cute cat video

A popular clip shows a ginger cat raising his head with a happy face, and the man sitting next to him showers him with kisses. The animal of tenderness loves them so much that he purrs with satisfaction.

“Rescued cat feels love for the first time,” the video was captioned.

The video shows all the happiness you can give animals by rescuing them and bringing them under your own roof. In exchange for having surrounded them with love, they can return the favor a hundredfold!

Rescue boy feeling love for the first time
by u/hmuberto in aww

Comments full of love

Internet users melt in front of a touching video featuring a cute ginger cat and its caring guardian. Below the recording, they shared positive comments filled with warmth.

“I want to save ALL cats. I watched it for about 10 minutes. He looks so happy,” wrote one Reddit user.

“This post brought me to tears more than any other video…thank you for saving this most precious child,” another added.

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