Girl Bursts Into Tears When Mom Surprises Her With Rescued Kitten

girl breaks down crying rescued cat

In the video, we can see the girl burst into tears while cradling her new pet, sobbing as she hugged her delicate little body. The kitten looks like a cat she loved so much and that’s why she couldn’t hold back her tears.

When Marley Frost, a nine-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, USA, was surprised with a new rescue kitten last summer, she cried with emotion. The young girl breaks down in tears when her mother surprises her and brings home a little kitten.

In video recorded by Nikki, Marley’s mother, the little girl is seen bursting into hysterical tears as she cradles her new pet, sobbing as she hugs her tiny body.

The Frost family already had two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig, and they weren’t looking for a new kitten, but Nikki saw the little one and wanted to surprise Marley because he looks like Simon, a cat she loved very much.

Girl cries when mom surprises her with rescued kitten


Nikki told Love Meow:

Our elderly black cat, Simon, had passed away the year before and had been asking for a kitten ever since. Marley is an animal lover. She always puts all his money into the pet store’s donation boxes.

Marley came home from school and went to her bedroom, while her mother followed her with a camera. As she opened the door, she heard the sound of a meow coming from a basket and walked over to find a rescued kitten inside.

Girl breaks down crying

The girl picked up the black kitten, later named Ella, from the basket and sobbed as she hugged her.

Ella a kitten that was saved. She was found on the porch of a friend of Nikki’s and her mother is believed to have died, so the kitten had to be bottle fed.

Girl adopts a kitten

Nikki said:

I had no intention of bringing another cat home, but…sometimes you just know these things are meant to happen.

Can we keep it?” asked Marley, crying. When Nikki said yes, Marley continued to cry and said, “Thank you mom, thank you.

marley and her cat Ella

Nikki wrote on Facebook:

Marley is in love and takes very good care of her little rescue cat.

The video was recorded months ago, but Nikki didn’t share it until January, and it quickly went viral.

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