This Girl Can’t Stop Crying When She Sees The Dog She Thought Was Lost Forever

girl finds crying dog thought lost

This girl keeps crying when she finds her beloved dog she thought was lost forever

A 200-pound Irish Wolfhound named Fergus, who lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, struggled to travel with his parents in the car. At a traffic light, a car collided with them from behind and the force of the impact knocked Fergus out of the way, who, affected by the impact, got up and walked away from the car.

Fergus’s sister Meredith McKay Luckett told The Dodo:

Within seconds my dad had already jumped out of the car and was trying to find him, but he was just gone. As you can imagine he was scared crazy so he just ran away.

The girl can’t stop crying when she sees her lost dog


Meredith and her family alerted residents of their community to the disappearance of their beloved dog, and within minutes, hundreds of people from across town gathered to help find the enormous dog.

The girl says:

Within 30 minutes of the crash, people were all over the area helping us find Fergus. We had rescue teams involved with the power stations set up and we were doing our best to follow the tracks.

Days passed and the family had no sign of Fergus, but the people refused to give up hope.

Fergus at home

Meredith said:

At all times, three kilometers from the scene of the accident, the cars were driving with their turn signals on and slowing down. It was incredible.

Just when hopes were low and it was believed Fergus would not be returning, Meredith got a call.

She said:

I was still asleep when my phone started ringing and they said, ‘We have your dog.

Adorable lost dog

She felt the greatest relief knowing that her loving dog was finally safe.

Meredith added:

He’s definitely a lovable giant. He’s a bit of a diva and loves being indoors, which is one of the reasons we were so scared that he was outside. Definitely a pampered pet.

Fergus found

By the time the girl reached Fergus ‘house, which was relatively close to the crash site, Fergus’ mother was already there. Meredith couldn’t help but burst into tears when she saw her dog again. For his part, the dog joins him, snuggles up against his shoulder and howls with happiness.

She said:

Obviously, it was a pretty emotional meeting.

The family took the dog to the vet, to receive treatment for the bumps and bruises he received in the accident.

Meredith said:

It will be a long road for him. Right now we’re really focused on healing.

Fergus family

For now, Fergus is resting at home with his family, who are very grateful to have him with them again.

Meredith finally said:

I thought he was spoiled before all of this happened, but now he’s treated like a king. People asked to send him gifts, and he received new toys and gifts. He’s just living the dream, and we’re just making sure he’s comfortable.

Images: Facebook / Meredith Luckett

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