Girl sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her beloved cat before he dies

girl sings You Are My Sunshine beloved cat

However, there is a painful reality behind this. No living thing lives forever and most of us will outlive our pets. Therefore, it is important to enjoy every moment with them, just as we do with the human beings we love.

It’s something a woman named Erin Merryn knows only too well. She adopted a ginger kitten named Bailey about 15 years ago and when she hugged him she refused to let him go. Erin immediately fell in love with him and even got him into her eighth floor dorm when she was in college. Erin firmly believes that Bailey was not just an ordinary cat. She also thinks that if every person had a Bailey in their life, the world would be a lot less lonely. In her opinion, there was a tiny human living inside her beloved Bailey.

girl sings You Are My Sunshine beloved cat

A decade after bringing Bailey to her college dorm, Erin had started her own family and had a baby girl named Abby. At first, she didn’t know how Bailey would react to a girl, but there was never a need to worry. For Bailey, seeing the little human was love at first sight. He stayed by her side, protecting and snuggling her. He showered Abby with love every day.

girl sings You Are My Sunshine beloved cat

One day, Abby picked up a book and started reading it aloud to Bailey. The sweet pet just stood there and gave her his full attention. So became how these two came together. A few years later, another daughter was born, but Abby remained her one true love. She liked to read to him and sing to him.

girl sings You Are My Sunshine beloved cat

Another thing the girls loved to do was dress Bailey up and take care of him like a baby. This cat let those kids bathe him and push him in a stroller like a human child. As a cat owner, I can say Bailey was definitely no ordinary cat. Bailey went viral when a video was posted on her Instagram account showing Abby singing “You Are My Sunshine” to her. They went on The Ellen Show and other media.

Sadly, Bailey died at the age of 14 from kidney failure. Erin said it was one of the worst days of her life, but the hardest part was telling Abby that her beloved cat was dying. The last thing Abby did with Bailey was sing “You Are My Sunshine” to her one last time. He crossed the rainbow bridge three hours later, in the arms of the little girl who loved him with all her heart. Later they wrote a book about Bailey’s incredible life here on this earth. It has over a thousand 5-star reviews on Amazon.

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. This also applies to our dear pets. Bailey was loved and he gave a lot of love back. Check out this sweet video below.

Images: Instagram / bailey_no_ordinary_cat

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