Video: A golden retriever ate marijuana candies, the effects were immediate

golden retriever ate marijuana candies

Hudson is a golden retriever who, after returning from a walk, began to behave in very unusual ways. His keepers were convinced the dog had been poisoned by something. When they found out what had really happened to him, they went directly to the person responsible for poisoning him. You won’t believe what their pet found and ate outside the home.

A recording showing the behavior of a golden retriever has reached TikTok users around the world. The dog behaves in a very unusual way for him. Although the guards told the whole story of his poisoning in a rather funny way, they obviously didn’t laugh at first.

The Golden Retriever started behaving very strangely

Like most dogs, Hudoson loves to walk. Running, sniffing and meeting other animals are part of the day he looks forward to. One day, as always, he went out with his guardians, but after returning home almost immediately, he began to behave in a very unusual way. He had difficulty walking, didn’t always respond to his name when lying down, adopted strange postures, and even looked curiously at the things he saw every day in his home.

Shortly after, his caretakers discovered what was causing such unusual behavior in their four-legged friend. It turned out that Hudson had eaten a marijuana candy he found on the street while walking. It made him dizzy and he didn’t really know what was happening to him.

“To the person who left their weed-soaked body on the sidewalk…”

When the golden retriever’s family found out what was wrong with him, they recorded their pet’s behavior and later uploaded the edited video. You can find it on Hudson’s TikTok profile, which his custodians run as hudsonbegood. They added to the recording a text addressed to the person who most likely lost the candy with a hint of marijuana.

– To the person who left their cannabis-soaked body on the sidewalk outside our apartment. Our dog is wondering if you could offer us a Popeyes chicken sandwich and a packet of Doritos. Thank you, the recording reads.

This is a reference to feeling hungry, which is often one of the side effects of cannabis use. Netizens were very worried about Hudson’s fate and anxiously asked if anything serious had happened to him. In the comments under TikTok, his guardians replied to all concerned:

– He slept for about 4 hours so I hope he just needs some sleep and gets back to normal! The vet said everything was fine!

@hudsonbegood Can’t leave a doggo hanging like that. #munchies #gummieskickedin #afroman #goldenretrieverlife ♬ Because I Got High – Afroman

Drug poisoning in animals occurs all over the world

Hudson and his guardians live in the United States, where marijuana is legal, but veterinarians around the world also care for pets that have used the drug. Since it is an illegal drug, it is much more difficult to find out from their owners what may be causing their pet’s symptoms.

It turns out that the most dangerous products for animals are products containing THC. Then the most common symptoms are drooling, dilated pupils, vomiting, irregular pulse and urinary incontinence. The last of the symptoms does not mean more frequent peeing, but constant dripping. In this case, you should immediately take your pet to the veterinarian so that he can take appropriate measures to eliminate dangerous substances from his body.

– Even if it’s embarrassing, take your dog to the vet after he’s used marijuana. You might feel nervous telling your vet what happened, but remember that he won’t share this information with law enforcement. Also, the veterinarian is not there to judge you; I just want to help your dog recover from this, says Dr. Monica Strek, as quoted by Newsweek.

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