Golden Retriever Travels 62 Miles In Two Weeks To Return To His Family

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

A golden retriever has traveled 62 miles after embarking on a tireless journey to try to find her family, who had temporarily left her with a friend.

The one-year-old dog, named Ping An, was found in the middle of a road. She had bloody legs, remarkably thin and dehydrated.

Fortunately, she was seen by a group of workers around an office building, and they quickly decided to help her.

A golden retriever travels 62 miles to get home

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

Ping An’s family lives in the city of Qidong in eastern China and had asked a friend to take care of their little dog 4 months ago because they were going to be very busy renovating their house.

They decided to drop her off at her friend’s house which is located in Nantong, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) away.

Almost 4 months later, the family was devastated to find their dog had escaped from their friend’s house and was missing.

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

At that time the family thought that Ping An was lost, what they didn’t imagine was that she was looking for them. She had made the decision to embark on an arduous solo journey to find her way back to her beloved family.

After walking more than 62 miles (about 100 kilometers) and for 14 days; Ping An was rescued by a group of workers outside an office.

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

Ping An had managed to reach Qidong City on Monday, October 26, and had numerous leg injuries from the long walk. Also, she seemed quite depressed and very melancholic, since she had not yet managed to find her loved ones who she missed so much.

Several photographs taken by workers show the dog lying on the side of the road, looking malnourished and seemingly sad, with its head bowed.

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

The employees at the place gave her meat rolls and others brought her dog food, and although she was sad, she had a good personality. They checked his injured legs and treated them as best they could, also examined his whole body, but otherwise he was fine.

The staff decided to help the dog find his family, so they shared all the information on WeChat, a popular social messaging network in China.

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

The post was seen by Ping An’s family, who immediately recognized their dog in the photos and rushed to organize everything and pick her up.

In a touching video, you can see the moment of the touching encounter and how her family kisses and pets their beloved dog.

In the video, his family can be heard saying:

“Ping An, you have worked hard. Stay home from now on.”

According to the family, Ping An is recovering well after being taken to the vet for treatment. Touched by their pet’s loyalty, the family said in an interview that they will keep Ping An by their side for the rest of their lives.

golden retriever walks 62 miles return family

A beautiful story that shows how far the love of our dogs for us can go, and that their loyalty is indescribable.

Images: Jianghai Evening News / Wechat

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