Golden Retriever

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Famous for its shiny golden fur of medium length, the golden retriever is a dog with a friendly expression, perfect symmetry and a superb and fluid movement, moving with long and strong steps.

The golden retriever is one of the youngest breeds in terms of origin. Currently, his hunting skills are not as developed, but instead, he has become a favorite pet in homes around the world.

Based on the number of registered golden retriever in European cynological clubs, we can conclude that this breed is the second most popular among all types of dogs. Golden retriever is valued primarily for its golden character.

Representatives of this breed are quite silent and patient. They do not raise a fuss over trifles and do not annoy with loud barking.

With its presence, this dog is able to calm a person, relieve stress, eliminate aggression. The Golden Retriever is even used in working with children who are autistic. Such a pet can become a hunter, guide, companion. He gets along well in any family, becoming for all households a faithful friend.

Due to its versatility and intelligence, the golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Currently, in addition to being a great pet, he has skills such as service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, hunting dogs and even rescue dogs. Below, in this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ dog breed sheet, we explain everything you need to know about the Golden Retriever.

The history of the breed

The history of the breed

The history of the golden retriever is interesting and unique. The fact is that there are two versions of the origin and formation of the breed. One very beautiful, looks more like a legend than a true story. Another version is more truthful and realistic. It is known for sure that the homeland of the Golden Retrievers is Great Britain. If there is interest in these dogs, you should familiarize yourself with the first and second versions of their origin:

  1. The Legend of Lord Tweedmouth and the Golden Retrievers

In 1858 Lord Tweedmouth saw the performance of Russian Shepherds at a circus show. The four-legged artists amazed him not only with their beautiful appearance, but also with their mind and intellect. The lord was known as a person who appreciated and collected everything that could be called beautiful, exotic, unusual in his estate. Naturally, Tweedmouth bought eight dogs of the kind he liked for a huge amount and started breeding them.

His unique estate, which is located next to Loch Ness Lake, has been replenished with an interesting breed, whose representatives have gained great popularity among wealthy people.

On the territory of Tweedmouth Manor there was a park with exotic plants, a dairy farm with cows of the best dairy breeds, as well as hunting grounds. Among this fabulous setting, dogs with golden coats, unique intelligence and circus history fit perfectly.

The legend of the circus Russian shepherd dogs, who, having moved to the lord’s estate, turned into elite pets belonging to the richest people, interested everyone. It was unsurpassed PR for a new breed.

Lord Tweedmouth was even planning to go to Russia to buy some more Russian shepherds. He voiced the version that the ancestors of his golden pets were Caucasian shepherd dogs. But there was not the slightest coincidence between the retrievers and Caucasians, neither in appearance nor in character.

For a long time, the circus legend of the golden dogs was on everyone’s lips. Lovers of the breed wanted to believe in her. But soon a more truthful version refuted the story presented by Lord Tweedmouth.

  • History of the golden retriever, according to Tweedmouth studbooks

For lovers, ordinary people, the legend quite passed for the truth, but the dog handlers understood perfectly well that this was just a fairy tale about golden dogs. It was necessary to establish the truth about the origin and ancestors of the retrievers. After a long search and research, Elma Stonex found written evidence of the formation of the breed.

They helped her understand everything about the studbooks that Lord Tweedmouth kept from the very beginning of breeding his Goldens. Let’s look at everything in order:

Tweedmouth bought his first golden retriever from a simple shoemaker who lived in Brighton. The puppy had a golden coat. They called him Nous, which means “wisdom” in translation.

Matured for mating, Nous was mated with a tea-colored spaniel. As a result, the couple had three yellow puppies. They became the founders of the breed.

Bloodhounds and Irish setters took part in the formation of the breed. Black puppies born from such matings were culled in strict order. Only golden and yellow were left.

1960, Golden Retrievers were officially recognized as a separate breed.

The Golden retriever is now at its peak. These dogs have gained great popularity in almost all countries of the world.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are smart and quick-witted. Ranked 4th in the list of the most intellectually developed breeds according to Stanley Coren.

Characteristics of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a fairly large dog. Its direct goal is a hunting arsenal. Therefore, the physique is muscular, the limbs are strong, the dog itself is robust, ready for long transitions and adverse weather conditions.

The growth of adults is 55-61 cm, the weight corresponding to the height can range from 25 to 42 kg. The nodes are significantly inferior to males in weight and size.

A beautiful head rests on a strong, strong neck. Hanging ears, triangular. The almond shaped eyes vary in color from light hazel to dark brown. The gaze is expressive, attentive, student. The muzzle is elongated; according to the standard, not the slightest trace of roughness is allowed. The nose is black, not too big.

The jaws are powerful with large canines and a pincer bite.

The body is elongated, the abdomen is folded. The chest is wide, the back is straight. The legs are muscular, straight, muscular. Feline, neat paws with firm pads. The long tail is heavily pubescent.

The coat is straight, waves are allowed. The guard hair is very beautiful and long. There is a dense undercoat which is waterproof.

Color is also a characteristic trait of the breed. Golden Retrievers can have a golden, cream, beige coat with all of their undertones. Shades of red are undesirable by the standard.

Modern golden retrievers are divided into three types according to the exterior: British (tall, muscular), American (rich golden color) and Canadian (tall, graceful).

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According to the breed standard, the color is presented in shiny gold, of different shades. It can also be a cream, although shades that are too light or too dark are rejected. Red or mahogany, pure white and black are not allowed in the exhibitions. Beyond official competitions, the color of the coat or the mixture of shades have no effect on the dog as a pet or for carrying out work.

Golden Retriever and labrador

Among hunters, golden retrievers have a reputation as the best game carriers, capable of wading in search of prey even through difficult thickets.

Is the Golden Retriever the same breed as the Labrador Retriever?

Sometimes these two breeds create some confusion due to the similarity they have at different levels. However, they are two very different breeds both physically and behaviorally. The fact that they are both Retriever means that they share certain characteristics, but that does not mean that they are of the same breed. For starters, among the physical features of the Golden Retriever, the fact that it has a long coat, which never happens in the Labrador Retriever.

In addition, the colors of the two are very different, only the cream-colored specimens of the two breeds being similar. On the other hand, the Golden Retriever has a friendly temper with everyone, which also tends to appear in Labrador, but this second can be more shy if it is not socialized correctly as a puppy. What is clear is that both breeds are more than recommended as a pet, so if you choose one, you just need to make sure you get as much information as possible. And in a case of the Golden Retriever, you will find here the most complete information.

Character of the Golden Retriever

A more sociable dog than a Golden Retriever is hard to find. He is ready day and night to be close to people, to run, jump, hunt, play and help in any business. Golden Retriever can be a guide and a caring, loyal friend for people with poor eyesight. For an avid hunter, the dog will become an indispensable assistant, especially when hunting near water bodies.

If the family has children, the retriever will become an ideal nanny and play companion for them. Such a dog will never offend a child. Being an active dog, the Golden Retriever tirelessly plays with kids, runs, jumps, participates in all their pranks.

With a pet in the form of a retriever, you can keep any pets. It is desirable that they grow together from the first days. The fact is that the Golden Retriever has a highly developed hunting instinct, so he can look at small animals as at prey. If the acquaintance has already happened, then the little kitten or puppy will become a friend for a friendly dog.

The Golden Retriever cannot be called one-man. He treats all household members with the same affection, from young to old. For the sake of order, he will bark at a stranger, but he will not show much aggression. So, the guardian of such a pet is not very reliable. Due to the lack of aggression, he seeks to quickly make friends with everyone, and not attack and bite.

Energetic, the Golden Retriever loves different games. With particular pleasure, the dog plays in the water, near the reservoirs. All because of the hunting instinct. It is also worth noting the favorite games of the representatives of the breed, they most of all like to bring a thrown stick, ball or any other object.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a capable learner, grasping even the most difficult material with ease. With a timely completed training course, he become an excellent guide, rescuer and a search dog.


Like many other breeds, the Golden Retriever can suffer from several hereditary eye disorders and from elbow and hip dysplasia (a joint condition that can be painful and cause mobility problems).

Therefore, a hip and eye exam is important before dedicating the dog to breeding.

Main diseases of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a dog that generally enjoys good health. However, they are prone to certain diseases, such as hip dysplasia, von Willebrand disease, heart problems, skin allergies, eye defects or cancer.

This breed also tends to gain weight easily, so it is very important to pay attention to its diet, control rations and prices and always offer the highest quality food. With good quality and lifestyle, it is possible to control most of these conditions and enjoy a healthy animal at any time.

Golden Retriever

Due to the abundant spontaneous molting, the breed is not suitable for fans of sterile cleanliness and allergy sufferers.

Basic care

The Golden Retriever is adapted to both housing and aviary, but not at all adapted to keeping on the chain. The fact is that such a dog is very sociable, friendly and very attached to people. Loneliness is disastrous for him.

If you regularly leave the dog alone for a long time, no matter in the house or in the yard, its psyche will suffer. The Golden Retriever is suitable for any person, but before buying a Golden Retriever puppy of the specified breed, think about how much time you can devote to it so that the pet does not suffer.

Caring for golden is very simple. The main thing is to teach him from a puppy to everything necessary in terms of hygiene. In addition, not only the owner, but also all households can carry out these procedures:

The Golden Retriever coat should look as natural as possible. Therefore, a haircut is not advisable, if you trim the dog, then you need to do this with the help of a specialist, especially if it is a show pet.

Comb daily using a special brush.

Inspect the eyes daily, wipe the detected secretions with a damp rag. If there are too many secretions and they appear constantly, you should contact your veterinarian. Such a symptom may indicate a plague or another disease. Although an ordinary grain of sand can also cause a similar phenomenon.

If you go hunting with your dog, be sure to inspect and rinse her eyes upon returning home. During forest adventures, debris can get into the eyes, this can cause inflammation and infection.

Ears need inspection every 6-8 days. It is enough to wash them gently with water or just wipe them with a wet swab.

Periodically brush your dog’s teeth with cotton buds or a special brush. Without this procedure, there will be an unpleasant smell from the pet’s mouth, a yellow coating will appear on the fangs and tartar may form.

You need to bathe a Golden Retriever three times in 10-12 months.


Golden Retriever adults need a reasonable amount of exercise to stay in peak condition. If you exercise too much for the puppy, he may develop bone or joint problems.

A few hours of exercise a day is enough for a healthy adult, but he’ll be more willing to accept it if he can.

Golden Retriever

Despite his friendly and outgoing nature, the golden retrievers needs nurturing and a steady hand. A dog that does not recognize the master’s authority becomes uncontrollable and can create a lot of problems.


When picking up a Golden Retriever puppy, be sure to ask the breeder what he fed him. An abrupt change in diet can trigger an eating disorder.

In the future, the diet should be developed taking into account the fact that a large dog with a luxurious coat needs good nutrition.

If you decide to feed your pet with natural products, a harmonious diet will consist of:

  • Cooked meat (turkey, beef, chicken)
  • Fish – no more than once a week (marine lean)
  • Curd

A quarter of the diet should contain vegetables that are grated and given raw or stewed for 5 minutes:

  • Carrot
  • Beet
  • Pumpkin
  • Turnip and cabbage
  • Greenery

From time to time you can add offal to feeding – heart, lung, liver, beef tripe.

Up to five months, the Golden Retriever puppy should eat from 4 to 6 times a day in small portions. The daily dose is 300 grams. meat, 150 gr. cottage cheese, 100 gr. vegetables, 500 grams of milk porridge.

At eight months, you can transfer the puppy to two meals a day.

Cartilage, tendons, and knee joints are purchased for puppies to facilitate timely and correct tooth changes.

If you prefer to feed your pet with dry food, then choose “premium” and “super – premium” designed for large breeds. It is in them that the minerals are found that strengthen the joints of a dog with a large weight.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retrievers have a real passion for water and take a bath with pleasure in any open body of water, and if overlooked, in puddles.

Golden Retriever dog breed facts

Golden Retriever has a wonderful character, it can become a pet in any family, even with many children. It would seem that the indicated breed has absolutely no flaws and every person can maintain it.

But in fact, even Golden Retriever dogs have their drawbacks, and they are completely unsuitable for those who do not have the opportunity to devote enough time to a pet. So, before buying a retriever puppy, you should familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages of the breed, and then decide whether it is your dog or not.

Positive points

  • The Golden Retriever is among the most reliable dog breeds.
  • Extremely adaptable and suitable for most lifestyles.
  • Always eager to please and able to be ordered, making it the first dog ideal for first-time owners.
  • Highly trainable thanks to his intelligence and his concern to please.
  • The Golden Retriever is very social by nature and gets along with everyone, including other dogs, animals and pets.

Negative points

  • Maybe a little on the palate which is a trait that should be softened gently when the Golden Retriever is still young and before it becomes a real problem.
  • High maintenance on the grooming forehead.
  • The Golden Retriever can smell like a dog.
  • This breed of dog needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.
  • This dog is easily distracted by what is going on around him.
  • The Golden Retriever lost a lot of hair all year round and more in the spring and fall.
  • Known to suffer from many health problems, veterinarian bills can be high.
Golden Retriever

Fun facts about the Golden Retriever

In addition to knowing all the details of the breed, there are some interesting facts to consider for those who aspire to own a Golden Retriever breed dog.

  • Currently, the Golden Retriever is the third most popular breed in the United States, the fifth in Australia and the eighth in the United Kingdom. These data were obtained by accessing the records of new puppies born each year, which follow an ascending line.
  • Before discovering the original crossbreeding records of the breed, it was thought that its creator, Lord Tweedmouth of Guisachan, had obtained the breed from a group of circus sheepdogs. However, in his archives, it was clear that the development through crosses of hunting dogs exclusively, thus dispelling any doubt.
  • In 2006, a meeting of enthusiasts of the Golden Retriever dog breed was organized in Scotland, with the intention of gathering all possible specimens in their place of origin. In the photos taken, up to 188 dogs were captured together, breaking the record for the largest number of Golden Retriever dogs in the same image.
  • It is one of the breeds of dogs with a greater sense of smell developed. These dogs can learn to search for objects of all kinds and in all circumstances. This ability makes it ideal as a dog to search for explosives, narcotics or any other product.
  • Although all dogs need to chew, the Golden Retriever needs it with much more intensity. It requires toys or solid elements where it can discharge part of its energy and its needs.
  • They are also dogs that love water, swim and are in contact with it. They are excellent swimmers, so whenever they get the chance, they will enjoy a good dive anywhere.
  • Until the age of three, the Golden behaves like a small puppy, plays and frolics tirelessly.
  • Retrievers are ideal swimmers and love water.
  • Golden Retriever is a nocturnal animal, during the day he prefers to take a nap if possible, and in the evening he begins to be active.
  • The Golden Retriever is at the forefront of all service dog breeds.

If you are thinking of sharing your life with a dog of this breed, the first thing to do is to contact an experienced breeder with good references. Pet stores or individuals offer puppies of questionable origin and without any guarantee, which may favor blind breeding with animals in poor conditions. Only a breeder specializing in the Golden Retriever breed will be able to provide you with all the information you need, in addition to knowledge about your puppy’s parents, so that you can rule out some of the hereditary diseases associated with the breed.

A Golden Retriever can be a great traveling companion throughout its life, it is enough to understand its needs and try to meet them at all times. Thus, your relationship will be unbeatable and you will have a balanced, affectionate and eager pet to be with you and to make you happy. The Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world, something that has been won by its temper. If you want to enjoy a big dog, bet on the Golden Retriever, you will not regret it.