A Grandfather Took His Dog To The Hospital With Tears In His Eyes Because He Had No Money For Treatment

grandfather dog hospital tears no money treatment

Although happiness is not measured in money, sometimes it is money that determines our destiny. An old man was struggling to make ends meet. When helearned from the doctors what it costs to care for his dog, he realized he couldn’t afford it.

At the vet, there was an old man and a half-breed dog. The visitor contented himself with idly stroking his dog and sobbing softly, while the other three remained silent.

The only thing that broke the silence was the man’s bitter sighs. He couldn’t accept being separated from his friend and he cried silently.

Andrei Alex Androvich, a veterinarian, has seen the reactions of pet owners who have repeatedly had to put their pets to sleep.

As a pet can be a friend, the doctor understood that the tears of his visitors can be too. This case seemed very special to him.

The doctor remembered that three days before, a man with his dog had come to see him for the first time. The old man spoke very little and Naida, his nine-year-old dog, hadn’t been up for days.

Frightened by the animal’s behavior, the man took the dog to the vet for an urgent visit. The vet informed the man that Nada was his dog.

A thorough examination revealed that the dog had a serious infection. The dog needed immediate treatment. However, the medications and the procedure were expensive. If the dog has not been treated,

The infection would spread further and result in the painful and severe death of the animal. The doctor offered an alternative treatment, even killing, which would help the dog escape suffering and pain. Andrei abruptly presented his proposal without caring how the visitor would interpret it.

The doctor gave his verdict and the man took the money, a few bills and a handful of crumpled bills from the table. Then he shook hands with the dog, got up and left.

Three days later, the man and his friend arrived at the door of the clinic. “I’m sorry, but I only managed to give her the money to put her to bed so she wouldn’t get hurt,” he said without looking up from the floor.

The man returned to the office and asked for a few moments to say goodbye. Andrei Androvich felt the injustice of the world watching the couple say goodbye.

People who have a lot of money sometimes don’t appreciate the value of life or other people and animals. The old man and his mongrel dog showed a respect that money can’t buy. They had to say goodbye because they didn’t have enough money.

The doctor could not contain his emotion and approached the man, putting his hand on his shoulder and promising him: “Curero Naida, he helped me without money. Naida is not yet old, but she still has a few years to spend with me.

The old man fell into a deep sleep.

‘NOS’ managed to recover quickly from the illness in just seven days thanks to the help drops and proper care. His work gave him great satisfaction.

Although he didn’t do the most important good deeds of his life, he managed to convince people to believe in him and his dog and give them hope for the best.

The vet managed to convince people to believe in the dog and gave them hope for a better future.

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