Gringo, A British Shorthair Cat With The Most Perfect White Mustache

gringo cat white mustache

There are many animals with unique characteristics on Instagram, but we’ve never seen a cat with a mustache as perfect and defined as Gringo, a one-year-old British Shorthair who lives in France with Sabrine and Romain, and his brother Milko.

Sabrine told Just Something:

Gringo is a cheerful kitten, full of life and with a very pleasant personality. She loves to play all day and all night, getting up to do silly things like climb curtains, scratch the sofa and jump on plants.

This cat has the most perfect white mustache

Gringo baby

He is as happy as any other cat; the only difference is his perfect white mustache.

Little gringo

Sabrine continued:

 He likes to stand on his hind legs, like a meerkat. You can stay in this position for a few minutes, and it’s hilarious.

Gringo’s look is definitely unique, as is his demeanor.

Cat with white mustache

Sabrine said:

Gringo always smells our dishes to see if there’s anything good, he can eat, and he likes to steal our kitchen sponge just to chew it on, so we have to hide it all the time.

Milko and Gringo
Gringo and his brother

Sabrine and Romain already had a cat named Milko before Gringo arrived, but they always thought about looking for another cat, and when one night they found out that they had seen a photo of this whiskered feline on the internet, they instantly fell in love with him.

Gringo cat

Gringo was 3 months old when they brought him home, he was a very sweet and friendly kitten, so he immediately became friends with Milko, becoming inseparable.

Gringo and Milko

But they are also very restless, they are like some kind of adorable hairy tornado that flies around the house from dusk till dawn.

Gringo white mustache cat

Gringo is a cat with such a sophisticated mustache that he only needs a top hat, round glasses, and a pipe, and he should have his own Victorian crime show.

Gringo mustache
Gringo at home

Gringo had nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, but his account was hacked earlier this year. You can follow him to follow his daily adventures.

Images: @gringomoustachecat


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