These Guys Form A Human Chain And Hang Over A Tank To Save A Dog

guys form humain chain save dog

Five friends teamed up to save a dog that had fallen into a canal in Kazakhstan. The dog got too close to the Sayran Reservoir in the city of Almaty, in south-eastern Kazakhstan, and fell into the canal.

The frightened animal was struggling to keep its balance and the current was very strong, it was only inches from a dangerous spillway. But luckily for this furry one, a group of friends who were walking around the tank realized the animal’s situation and ran to help him without thinking of the dangers they too might face.

A group of young people have come together to save a dog

The brave men carried out a rescue operation which was captured by a woman named Marjana Khadreeva who was on the other side of the tank and decided to record the wonderful rescue with her phone.

guys form humain chain save dog

In the video we can see a man who bravely entered the water, grabbed the apparently stray dog, which was about to fall into the landfill and be swept away by the current.

guys form humain chain save dog

But the man could not then climb the slopes of the reservoir on his own and neither could the dog because he was very tired. So, four of his friends intertwined their arms to form a human chain so that they could both be pulled out of the channel.

guys form humain chain save dog

After several attempts, as can be seen in this full video, they were finally able to get them out.

guys form humain chain save dog

Marjana Khadreeva uploaded the video to social media which was quickly shared, going viral.

guys form humain chain save dog

Thanks to these brave men, a life was saved. They show us that there are still good people left, and they make us think that maybe the future is a better place where we can find more and more people like them, who are able to give their lives for one. other being and who believe that all life is important. , regardless of its size.

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