Happiness Loves Silence: 10 Dog Breeds That Bark Little

Dog Breeds Bark Little

Barking can be a real problem for residents of apartment buildings. That is why, when choosing a four-legged friend, you should pay attention to dog breeds that bark little.


Dog Breeds Bark Little Basenji

One of the oldest breeds that cannot bark. Instead, the Basenji makes unusual noises that resemble a cross between howling and growling. Any of these dogs is a real find for those who live in an apartment and have long dreamed of a four-legged pet that will not cause inconvenience to neighbors.

English bulldog

Dog Breeds Bark Little English bulldog

Besides the fact that Bulldogs are considered rather silent dogs, they have short hair that practically does not fall out.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dog Breeds Bark Little Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs are distinguished by independence, strong will, restraint and silence. One has only to provide them with proper education and regular active walks.


Dog Breeds Bark Little Newfoundland

This good-natured giant is an ideal nanny, an excellent protector and companion. Newfounland dog does not need to bark loudly, as he is able to “resolve” any situation with the help of body language.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Breeds Bark Little Cavalier king Charles spaniel

Miniature dogs give their voice only when their owner is in danger. The rest of the time, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are very “comfortable” for their owners, loyal and sociable.

Great Dane

Dog Breeds Bark Little Great Dane

The tallest breed that practically does not bark. At the same time, the Great Dane lends itself well to education, loves communication and active walks.

Shar Pei

Dog Breeds Bark Little Shar Pei

The barking of a Shar Pei can be provoked by a protective instinct or by strong indignation. In other cases, these dogs are quite reserved and even melancholic.

Japanese Chin

Dog Breeds Bark Little Japanese Chin

This is the ideal companion dog, which needs a lot of companionship, attention and quality care. Japanese Chin feels great both in the house and in a small apartment.


Dog Breeds Bark Little Pug

Slightly clumsy doggies are a real find for apartment dwellers. Pugs are “laconic”, not too active and easily adapt to the life rhythm of their owner.

Akita Inu

Dog Breeds Bark Little Akita Inu

Representatives of this breed bark only in case of danger. They are extremely wary of strangers, but in a comfortable and familiar environment Akita Inu dogs are happy to demonstrate friendliness and affection for the owner.


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