Cat is so happy to be adopted that she brings mom her slippers every morning


A happy adopted cat has a daily routine to bring to her human mother the slippers every morning when she wakes up, a nice sign of love and gratitude.

The life of a cat named Lulu changed completely two years ago; she went from being in a shelter to the most pampered little girl in the house; And Lulu has found her own way to thank her new mom, every morning she brings her slippers to her in a tender and adorable scene

Rescued kitten brings slippers to her mother every morning.

happy adopted Cat bring slippers morning
Lulu The Slipper Cat

Lulu is a cat of about 10 years old who came to a shabby animal shelter, her coat was completely matted and she had many health problems. After a year at the shelter, what Lulu longed for the most was that someone would soon arrive to take her home.

happy adopted Cat bring slippers morning
Lulu The Slipper Cat

It was then that Kayla’s mother arrived, looking for a new addition to her family. Kayla shared on Reddit

“I tried to convince my mother to buy a kitten, but she clearly knew what she was doing. (Lulu) had been in the shelter for a year and nobody wanted her because she had health problems. She has kidney disease and her nails were red from being in a too small cage. I couldn’t even jump when we first had it “

When they met this sweet tabby kitten, they knew immediately that she was the one.

After completing the paperwork, Lulu finally left the shelter to go to her new home. During the first months, the cat changed its matted fur for a fluffy one, regained its energy and was able to run and jump like any other cat.

Lulu The Slipper Cat

One day, when Kayla’s mother woke up, she found a cute surprise.

Lulu had brought her slipper to her bed, dropped it in front of her as she meowed aloud with great pride, and then went back to find the other slipper.

happy adopted Cat bring slippers morning
Lulu The Slipper Cat

This ritual became a daily routine. Lulu had noticed that her mother put on her slippers after waking up, so she picked them up from the place she had left them the day before and took them in her mouth to take them with her.

Nothing makes her happier than hugging her favorite person.

Perhaps the sweet tabby is grateful to have a wonderful home and a human being forever that makes her feel so loved.

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