Little Girl Can’t Help But Cry When Her Parents Surprise Her With A Puppy

happy girl parents surprise puppy

Breanna, a loving girl who had had the same wish for years, used to ask her parents for a puppy. Her family already had a huge, adorable rescue dog, but the little girl insisted on having a puppy. Something her family weren’t sure about, but as the past few years Breanna has gone through some tough changes in her life, the parents decided to give her a sweet surprise.

She has lost close family members and had to move several times. Because of these changes, her parents felt that having the company of a pet could help the little one and make her very happy.

Jennifer Kvande, Breanna’s mother told The Dodo:

She was going to a new house, a new school, friends and a new neighborhood, so we decided having a friend would help her adjust.

Girl cries with excitement when surprised by puppy

Cute puppy and girl

To surprise her, Breanna’s father pretended to have stuffed animals as gifts for her. So she took the first one and gave it to the little girl, when it came time to take the next one what the girl received was her new best friend “Arya” and she couldn’t help but cry with happiness.

Girl and her pet

Jennifer was also delighted to see her daughter with her new pet and said:

Her reaction melted our hearts in a way I never knew possible. His real surprise and instant love were immeasurable.

Watch the emotional moment:

Jennifer continued:

She started to cry and when she said, ‘My baby,’ I knew we had chosen her best friend. Something she had no complaints about.

Girl receives pet

She was really happy and very excited with the surprise and when her mother asked her if she loved her new puppy, she could only express through a euphoric cry that she loved him.

Jennifer added:

Breanna is such a sweet soul and has such a wonderful, kind heart that we knew she would make a wonderful mom!

Beautiful puppy and his human

Since Arya came into Breanna’s life, the young girl hasn’t neglected her pet for a moment. She is really very happy and thanks her parents for her new friend.

Her mother said:

They are all doing it together and have already created an inseparable bond.

little puppy

Breanna has proven to be a responsible girl and takes very good care of her pet. They have become inseparable.

Jennifer added:

Arya is an overall wonderful puppy and Breanna has been very responsible to her! I know they will have many happy years together.

Girl and puppy

There is no doubt that her parents are very happy with Breanna’s commitment to Arya and to see her take care of her with so much love. They have formed an incredible bond, they are a great team.

Images: Facebook / JENNIFER KVANDE

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