Lost Dog Cries With Joy As She Reunites With Her Worried Mom

happy lost dog Liddie mom

Kirstin Kapp suffered for her beloved lost dog for about 3 long weeks. Liddie, as she is called the dog, had strayed from home and her mother was really devastated thinking about how she would be spending it outside of her home.

Surely Liddie was also very anguished and scared, not knowing how to return home, luckily for both of her anguish would end and soon they would meet again and of course never to be separated again.

In a post on Facebook, Kristin wrote:

“I really don’t know how to cope. A part of me is missing and there is nothing I can do about it. I love you very much my sweet girl. Please come home. “”

Lost dog cries with joy when she is reunited with mother

happy lost dog Liddie mom

It is unknown how and where Liddie spent those days away from home, but fortunately the dog was found by a couple who evidently learned that her family was desperately looking for her, according to The Dodo. So, they located Kristin at the veterinary clinic where she works so that she could finally meet her beloved Liddie.

When they were finally together again, Kristin couldn’t stop crying, and for her part, Liddie, didn’t believe that she was finally back in her mother’s arms and kept jumping up and hugging her excitedly.

happy lost dog Liddie mom

The reunion was really emotional and Liddie couldn’t have enough of the happiness of finally being with her mother after so many days away from her home. The people who witnessed the reunion between the dog and her mother were also quite moved, even in the video someone is heard saying:

“”You have got your people back!””

happy lost dog Liddie mom

It is clear that dogs express their emotions in very different ways, since they cannot speak. But they express their affection in unique and very emotional ways, like Liddie when she finally returned to her mother’s arms, showing us that love does not require words.

Images : Facebook/ Kirstin Kapp

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