A Dog Saved A Kitten from The Street and Brought It Home

Hazel dog rescues abandoned kitten

The only thing worse than going outside and it starts raining is getting caught in the rain. A kitten got soaked after a downpour in Abilene, Texas, United States. The kitten was homeless, so it had nowhere to go. Fortunately, an unlikely friend gave him a hand. Hazel heard the animal’s cries and answered the call. Hazel, a Yorkie, Chihuahua and poodle mix, is the dog of a family and certainly has a big heart.

Hazel dog rescues abandoned kitten

Realizing that the animal’s situation was terrible, Hazel ran in the rain to look for it. According to Paws Planet, its owner, Monica Burks, had opened the door for Hazel so she could go out and to relieve oneself. Usually the dog returns immediately, but this time Hazel has taken some time. Besides, she did not come back alone. Monica saw Hazel carrying a kitten and realized that she had made a rescue.

Hazel dog rescues abandoned kitten

Hazel had a hard time saving the kitten because the poor cat had taken refuge under a shelter and did not want to get out of there. The dog had to convince him to go out, and for that she proved to be a reliable and trusted friend. The kitten was in great danger because dogs can be predators of cats. But Hazel was definitely a savior, not a predator.

Hazel dog rescues abandoned kitten

Now the cat is called Sheba, and he no longer has to hide under the shelters. After his rescue, he was able to find a home for life in the home of Michael, Monica’s brother, as reported by Paws Planet. And Hazel deserves to be given all the credit for his wonderful gesture.

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