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He had to say goodbye to his beloved cat. After a few days, he received a letter from the hospital, its content was surprising

The owner of a cat named Léo certainly did not expect such a letter. Its contents made her cry. The touching message from the clinic will remain engraved in his memory forever.

Loneliness after losing a beloved cat

The pain of losing a beloved pet is comparable to that of losing a best friend. The situation becomes even more difficult when our pet gets sick and the only thing we can do is say goodbye to it at the veterinary office. The void cannot be filled. Sometimes, however, it is the only solution to relieve our animal’s pain and suffering.

This was the case of Léo, an elderly cat whose owner had to say goodbye to him at the beginning of the year. The family’s beloved pet began to fall seriously ill. The animal’s health deteriorated significantly and Leo even underwent a difficult operation. Unfortunately, despite efforts, the cat’s health did not improve. To relieve his friend’s suffering, the desperate owner had to make a decision and say goodbye to the cat. The words he received in a letter after this sad event made him smile again, at least for a moment.

An unexpected package from the veterinary clinic turned out to be a memory for life

The owner, plunged into sadness, could not find a place. Everything in the house reminded him of his friend. To his great surprise, he received a package from the veterinary clinic in which he said goodbye to Leo for the last time. In addition to touching words, the letter included a piece of kitten fur and a trace of her cat’s paw reflected in ink.

“Because Leo was your friend and you were his, we could see how much his life meant to you. We hope the fond memories of him will help you get through this difficult time. We express our deepest condolences,” wrote the veterinary clinic team in a letter

This special memory reminding him of the best moments spent with his friend will stay with him forever thanks to the touching gesture of the wedge.

Lasting memories after losing an animal friend

When a beloved pet dies, many owners would like to keep a lasting memory of them. Often, we cannot say goodbye to our pet’s favorite objects or toys. There are cat mice hanging around the corners and the necklace is still hanging on the hanger. However, there comes a time when some things need to be cleaned. Every owner does it at the right time.

However, companies have appeared on the market that offer durable souvenirs made from a piece of fur or animal ashes. And although in many countries it is impossible to store human ashes at home due to burial requirements, these restrictions do not apply to animals. Pet ashes can be taken home without legal restrictions and used to create a personal keepsake in the form of, for example, jewelry that will serve as a lasting reminder of our beloved friend.

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