He Rushed To Save A Kitten On The Highway. He says it was worth it! The dangerous maneuver divided internet users

he rushed to save a kitten on the highway

The driver driving the highway showed great heart when, seeing a kitten on the road, he decided to stop and help her. Along the way, he broke some traffic rules, which caused heated discussions among netizens. Commentators wonder where the line is when it comes to helping injured animals. Was it worth risking the lives and health of the drivers to save the kitten?

A heroic driver saved a kitten. “It was worth it”

The driver was driving on the highway towards Wrocław. Near the exit to Kryniczn in Poland, he saw a stray kitten on the road. He nearly missed the white dot, thinking the animal was dead. The kitten turned to him at the perfect moment, and the man realized he had a chance to save him.

“He looked at me and I had to intervene,” explains the driver.

The man stopped on the freeway and, while driving in the emergency lane, backed up. He got out of the car and tried to draw the attention of passing drivers to the lying animal. The situation became dangerous when a truck traveling towards him tried to avoid him by turning left. He pulled into the lane where the cars were already parked. Although it ended without accident, it was very close.

he rushed to save a kitten on the highway

He took advantage of the calm of the road and bent down to fetch the kitten. He managed to pick up the animal in his arms and carried it to the car. The rescue operation was successful.

he rushed to save a kitten on the highway

Not everyone is happy with this attitude. Could this have led to a tragedy?

Although most of the comments below the video of the rescue operation are positive, some wonder how the drivers who avoided the man in the road felt. There’s no denying that trying to get the kitten to a safe place led to a risky situation.

– Respect, even if it was very risky and dangerous. That’s what I thought, what insults must have “fallen” on you, how people avoided you or how they saw you backing down – the commentator wonders.

he rushed to save a kitten on the highway

The traffic safety portal brd24.pl, unlike most Internet users, was not pleased with the attitude of the man. In the article “In the Name of a Kitten. Was This Really Legitimate Highway Behavior?” draw attention to the dangerous situation the driver has created on the road.

“At the end of the day, it’s his life and he can spend it however he wants.” However, stopping and reversing on the highway are already prohibited behaviors because they pose a threat to other road users – they are people, not cats – stresses the editorial staff of brd24.pl. – Also, getting into the lane and waving could have caused a sudden maneuver from another driver, and it could have ended in a real pile-up.

There’s a cat curse on this highway

It is not the first time that an incident involving a cat has occurred on the highway, which has impeded the flow of motorists. On November 16, 2021, there was an accident involving a cat. Failure to comply with traffic rules regarding the transport of animals is to blame.

– While carrying a cat wandering freely around the car, the animal at some point jumped on the pit. The cat was moved by the driver and at that moment there was uncontrolled driving to the side of the road and the vehicle overturned – explained Mariusz Wojciechowski, press officer of the Kościan police, where the accident occurred.

he rushed to save a kitten on the highway

The 73-year-old Toyota driver and his passenger were injured. Fortunately, they only suffered minor injuries and were treated on the spot. The frightened cat ran away from the scene and was searched by the family.

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