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He thought he could outsmart the cat, but he was wrong. You will never underestimate your cat’s intelligence again

The owner of a tomcat named Moulder decided to test his cunning and intelligence. To do this, he placed a container of water under the door to prevent him from leaving the room. The animal quickly understood the mechanism and proved that it was unstoppable. This video only confirms the theory that cats are really smart.

Cats are smarter than you think, and a new analysis only proves it. Scientists who want to better understand the cognitive abilities of cats have already conducted numerous researches and practical experiments in this direction. Some believe the video posted by Moulder’s owner is further evidence of the above-average intelligence that some of the man’s purring friends may display.

He was tired of his cat waking up at night

Cat guardians have certainly experienced a situation where their cat did a “trick” that surprised them a lot. There’s a reason why there’s so much talk about their intelligence. The owner of one of them thought he could outsmart him, but he was sorely mistaken.

A resident of the United States, who loves cats and takes care of one of them, was tired of the cat waking him up every night. The smart cat learned to jump up and touch the doorknob to open the door. The man had an idea to make access to his room difficult, if not impossible.

Sven realized that most cats don’t like their fluffy fur coming into contact with water. So he decided to place a container filled with water under the door so that his pet could not grab the door handle with its paw.

The clever little cat was not outsmarted

It turned out that Moulder was so smart that he easily found a way to jump on the doorknob and thus enter his guardian’s room. Well, remembering his memories, he went around the container of water, grabbed the door handle, and when that was not enough, he jumped down without wetting his fur at all. After a while, he repeated this action, which produced the desired effect.

Having no idea how the cat overcame the obstacle he had prepared, Sven decided to install a camera to see it with his own eyes. The video he managed to record was so unusual for him that he decided to share it online.

The video became a hit on the Internet

It seems that Internet users are also impressed by the cat’s intelligence, since the video of its intellectual demonstrations has already been viewed more than 24 million times. Internet users also express their surprise and praise of the cat in the comments below the video.

– Oh, my cat has been doing this all his life. It was crazy. It woke us up every night, no matter how we blocked access to the door handle. I would give anything for him to wake us up like that again – writes one of the commenters.

– We once had a cat… so smart he could open doors. Does your cat turn on the water tap and drink from it too? Cats are extraordinary animals! – adds another.

– The sigh of frustration at the end of the video made me burst out laughing. Cats are the best! – notes another.

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