He heard creaking noises behind the house. There were two kittens in the box, neither of them should have had such a start to life

heard creaking noises two kittens box

Binx and Salem are cat siblings who had an extremely difficult start to life. Kittens fought to survive for weeks after someone left them in a cardboard box. Fortunately, over time, it turned out that the little ones were able to overcome the greatest adversities together. When the kitten was trying hard to regain the use of his paws, his sister constantly watched over him by his side, being his greatest support and motivation.

He found barely alive kittens in a cardboard box

A man found two small kittens in the bushes near his home. The babies were sitting in a cardboard box, someone must have left them there on purpose. The man did not hesitate for long and took the animals to his house – he wanted to help them. However, as he observed the animals more closely, he realized that he could not save them alone. The kittens were emaciated, flea-infested, dirty and had respiratory problems. The man therefore decided to entrust them to the care of volunteers from the Baby Kitten Rescue organization.

Activist Caroline decided to temporarily take care of the kittens, who are only three weeks old. The same day she received the report, she went to pick up the babies from a man who was interested in them. She named her new pets Binx and Salem and took them to the veterinary clinic.

heard creaking noises two kittens box

One of the kittens had a serious problem

The kittens were given numerous medications, including antibiotics, to help their bodies fight the upper respiratory infection. Animals also had to be bathed to get rid of parasites and make their bodies hygienic.

After a few days, the kittens began to feel much better. Unfortunately, it turned out that Binx had another very serious problem. The cat suffered from what is called swimming cat syndrome. This is a morphological and functional disorder of the limbs, as a result of which the animal’s hind legs spread to the sides. As a result, the toddler was not walking normally, but only dragging the back of his body on the ground.

heard creaking noises two kittens box

Fortunately, this condition is treatable. Additionally, the best effects of therapy are seen in very young kittens. That is why the temporary animal caretaker, instead of collapsing, immediately began to work intensively. She ensured that Binx exercised his hind limbs daily under the supervision of a professional animal physiotherapist. The activities quickly brought satisfactory results. Over time, Binx had fewer and fewer problems not only walking, but also jumping and climbing.

heard creaking noises two kittens box

Kittens were each other’s biggest support

The bond between cat siblings was unique. Salem persistently accompanied her brother in his daily exercises. She was of great support to him. The volunteers therefore decided that the little ones should not be separated. They decided to do everything to find them a family that would have room for both dogs.

Binx and Salem didn’t have to wait long. A couple fell in love at first sight. They were delighted with each of them individually, but what intrigued them most was the closeness between the cat siblings. After several weeks spent in foster care, when the dogs grew up and Binx regained the use of his hind legs, the animals returned to their permanent adoptive home. The kittens had an extremely difficult start to life, but thanks to the support of many people, they were lucky enough to live a comfortable life together.

heard creaking noises two kittens box

Images: Instagram.com/babykittenrescue

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