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Heartbroken and defeated, this dog won’t even move from the corner

An abandoned and neglected dog wouldn’t leave the area. He was traumatized by what people did to him. For a few days, the shelter workers tried to convince him. Unfortunately, the dog couldn’t trust them.

The dog paid for its owners’ actions with its health

Abandonment is a cruel act committed against beloved canine friends by irresponsible owners. Animals attached to humans are very distressed by separation. The change in an animal’s life is dramatic. Coming from a safe and warm home, the animal finds itself in an empty cage. Such an event often causes stress in dogs and leaves them with permanent trauma.

Getting rid of a dog harms its psyche in several ways. We can’t even understand some of them. This dog was abandoned by his loving family. Following their decision, the animal was devastated. The landlords took away not only her home, but also her joy and self-esteem.

The animal was unable to orient itself in the new situation. They kicked him out because he was sick

The dog that came to the Downey Animal Care Center shelter didn’t even want to leave the area. According to staff, who spent several days trying to persuade the animal to leave the box, the dog was so ashamed to be there that he wanted to hide as much as possible. The animal was disappointed in the man. They were overcome by the fear of an unknown place. He felt abandoned, hurt and couldn’t cope.

Heartbroken defeated dog won t move from corner

His guardians most likely decided to abandon him after many years of living together due to their inability or unwillingness to deal with the dog’s illness. The animal suffered from skin problems, such as alopecia and purulent dermatitis. The shelter employees were very surprised by this reason. These diseases are easy to cure with appropriate medications.

The dog was afraid to trust people. The shelter workers did a great job

In the recording posted online by the shelter, we can see how much trauma the animal must have suffered. During the first days in the box, the dog didn’t even look at people. He kept his head down and ran away.

After a few days of care and attention from the shelter staff, the dog’s condition began to improve. The employees also took care of his mental health. Thanks to their efforts, the animal went from a shy and lonely dog to a happy and friendly dog.

Heartbroken defeated dog won t move from corner

The dog was ready for a new sensation. Fortunately, he was adopted by a family who wanted to compensate him for all the suffering he suffered. He received a new home and the love he deserved.

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