Hearts Break As ‘Tacky’ Shelter Cat Refuses To Let Go Of Woman’s Hand

hearts break shelter cat refuses let go hand woman

What attention does a cat need? This animal needs our company as much as a dog, and it is sometimes even more difficult for him to be left alone. Some clingy cats look at their guardian as an image and for no treasure want to let him out of their paws – literally. The video of the emotional scene at the animal shelter has garnered several million views. It’s hard to stop the tears seeing how stubbornly the red tom craves closeness to the volunteer.

Shelter cat won’t let go until someone loves him

While most pet owners can count on the attention of the caretaker, family members, neighbors and people who visit their home, the same is not true for four-legged residents of shelters. overcrowded. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 3.2 million cats end up in shelters in the United States each year. Although some leave their boxes and go to new families, the time leading up to adoption can be difficult for them – physically and mentally.

For the title of the saddest room at the Associated Humane Societies shelter in Newark, a red tabby kitten called Tigger has long claimed. From the first days, he showed an exemplary tenderness, both towards humans and other cats. Nevertheless, the effects of prolonged loneliness had such an impact on the animal’s psyche that Tigger feared being left alone in the room.

“She loves being the center of attention,” Olivia Gonzalez, AHS Newark’s social media coordinator, told Newsweek.

hearts break shelter cat refuses let go hand woman
AHS Newark / @Ahsnewark

A ginger kitten holds out its paws to a shelter volunteer. Video captures hearts

Tigger is supposedly known for his bizarre antics, which stole the hearts of everyone who works at the establishment. As already mentioned, the red tomcat does not particularly seek isolation in the shelter, on the contrary, it insists on constant interaction with the staff. Tigger tries to wait for his favorite volunteer to open the door and stand in the doorway, then clutch his paws between the cage bars and won’t let go of his hand. “Man, you belong to me now and nothing will separate us,” he seems to communicate with body language.

The emotional scene at the Newark homeless animal shelter has been posted on numerous social media platforms, but has garnered the most attention thanks to TikTok.

@ahsnewark Love a clingy cat #adoptdontshop #animalshelter #cats #cat #tabby #orangetabby #catsoftiktok ♬ I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

The scene touched millions of viewers who wished Tigger a successful adoption in the comments, but also shared stories of first encounters with their own pets.

This is how my cat adopted me. Couldn’t say no,” one user wrote.

– The first time I saw my cat at the shelter, I picked him up and he immediately started snuggling up to my cheek. I couldn’t leave without him,” another person replied.

– Guys, I’m in love with him! Can it fly from USA to Brazil? – asks the person who did not remain indifferent to the charms of the purring hunk.

Since the video was posted, Tigger has been moved to Loving Hands Cat Rescue – an AHS Newark partner organization – where he is still available for adoption. It’s possible her new status as a feline influencer could help her find a forever home soon. May the next person he reaches out to never let go.

It’s not just dogs that enjoy human company. Cats can love, become attached to people and seek their attention

It is said that the dog likes to be the center of attention, so he is constantly looking for a way to get the attention of the owner. Of course, the desire to be noticed and accepted by those we love is not limited to one species, and we can seek confirmation of this need in the mirror image, as well as by looking at children. This is no different in the case of cats, who generally do not “impose” themselves by their presence, but, like all sentient beings, they need a lot of love.

Cats respect anyone who allows them to function in peace, and with a few suggestive gestures, the purr announces to the world that it is troubled by depression. In order for the animal not to feel unhappy or alone, it needs the necessary time and stimulation – a common game that develops hunting skills and unforced closeness. It should be remembered that excessive attention to oneself is very often rooted in the boredom, loneliness and frustration of the animal.

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