Helen, The Homeless Dog Who Surprised Her Rescuers After Being Petted For The First Time In Her Life


The emotional reaction of a dog that was caressed by a human being for the first time in his life became popular on YouTube and other social networks. Recording the scene accumulates thousands of reproductions and hundreds of reactions on the Internet.

It all started when the animal rescue group Howl Of A Dog received a call from a tourist who was visiting Romania and who could not help but be moved when she came across a lonely dog ​​sleeping on a cold sidewalk.

Seeing a sick stray dog asleep on a pile of boxes, a tourist immediately decided to help her.

In the summer of 2019, a woman traveled to Romania for her vacation. Sensitive to the animal cause and the protection of dogs in particular, she could not stand idly by when she saw a bitch in difficulty.

Helen, The Homeless Has Been Petted For The First Time In Her Life

Helen homeless dog
Helen homeless dog
Helen homeless dog
Helen homeless dog
Helen homeless dog

It did not take long for a team of rescuers to go to the scene with no idea that they would end up becoming responsible for an exciting discovery that would be talked about on platforms like YouTube.

And it is that after approaching the dog, they could see that it was a fairly docile animal and that it even showed that it wanted to receive the help of the organization. This despite never having received affection from a person.

Helen homeless dog

After putting him on a leash, the dog could be taken to a veterinary clinic where he was treated and bathed, surprising his rescuers at all times with his gentle attitude.

After a few weeks, Helen, the name with which the puppy was baptized, showed that she is a being full of joy and with a lot of love to offer.

Helen homeless dog

The record of its evolution captivated thousands of Internet users on YouTube, who did not hesitate to thank the rescuers for their noble actions.

Photos: Howl Of A Dog


Howl Of A Dog organization said:

” Helen was rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization and, a few months later, was adopted by a wonderful family in the Netherlands. “

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