Henry Cavill Explains How His Dog Kal Saved His Sanity Multiple Times

henry cavill kal dog mental health

Famous British actor Henry Cavill, who plays the famous characters Superman and Geralt of Rivia, loves his rescue dog with all his might and isn’t afraid to show it off at every opportunity. Henry often talks in his interviews about his American Akita dog named Kal, and how this beautiful animal completely changed his life.

The popular actor has mentioned on different occasions that he has suffered from depression in the past and assures that Kal gave him the support he needed in many of those times.

Henry enjoys posting updates about his life with Kal on his Instagram account, letting his more than 19 million followers learn more about his adventures with their eight-year-old dog.

Henry Cavill explains how his dog Kal saved his sanity

henry cavill kal dog mental health

In a 2020 post by the actor, Henry described the Akita as “part dog, part bear, part pig, and all soul,” calling his beloved furry companion “an absolute gem.”

Henry said on his Instagram account:

“I’ve had him since he was 10 weeks old and we’ve been through thick and thin together. In fact, we spend so much time together that I don’t know who is impersonating who anymore.”

henry cavill kal dog mental health

A while ago, Henry went to a British talk show called “Lorraine”, and he brought Kal as his chaperone. His visit to the program was to promote the second season of his series “The Witcher”.

During his visit, the actor chatted with host Lorraine Kelly and discussed what his dog means to him, especially regarding his battle with mental health over the years.

henry cavill kal dog mental health

During an interview, Henry said:

“He saved my emotional and psychological state many times. We have an incredibly close bond. He senses when I have my own stuff on me, he’s close, he’s almost always close, but in those times he will be closer.”

The actor enjoys Kal’s company so much that even the dog is usually by his side wherever Henry goes and that, of course, includes his job.

During an interview with People, Henry said:

“He’s there all the time, he spends most of his time in the trailer rather than on set. Because when he can see me but can’t reach me, he tends to start making a lot of noise. .”

henry cavill kal dog mental health

Henry Cavill’s Best Friend

Kal is undoubtedly a great support for the mental health of the actor, which all families with pets undoubtedly understand very well.

Henry told On Demand Entertainment:

“He’s a real companion and those times when I just need someone, but I don’t necessarily have to put in a lot of effort for that person.”

henry cavill kal dog mental health

There is no doubt that Kal is more than a pet for this famous actor. He considers his dog a fundamental part of his family, and he is always seen showering Kal with hugs and pats to show his affection.

Finally, Henry assures:

“He’s fantastic. For me, that’s a lot: he’s a dog, but he’s a companion. He’s also my favorite person.”

Images: Instagram / henrycavill

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