Heroic action by firefighters. They rescued and resuscitated a cat from a burning building

Heroic action firefighters rescued resuscitated cat burning building

Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, posted a touching video on Twitter showing the resuscitation of a cat taken out of a burning building. Thanks to the empathy and commitment of the firefighters, the cat avoided a tragic death.

The war in Ukraine not only causes casualties among people, but also among defenseless animals who, without our help, are threatened with death in agony. Many creatures remain in the war zone and in temporarily occupied territories. Fortunately, the volunteers, firefighters or soldiers defending their country do everything to save their lives.

Firefighters rescued a cat from the blaze

According to Herashchenko, a fire broke out in a five-story building in Uman, Cherkasy region. Residents immediately evacuated, but a white cat remained in one of the apartments. Firefighters working at the scene pulled the animal out of the smoky room and moved it to safety. Its head was cooled with water, then the stunned quadruped was given compressed air.

The rescue operation was filmed and luckily it was a success. Now the cat is safe and sound.

– A large part of his apartment was also saved thanks to the rescuers – commented the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The attitude of the heroic firefighters proves that whether they’re dealing with a human or an animal, every heart beats the same.

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