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The Hmong exists! The breed of dog that looks like a cat

The Hmong is a breed of dog that was developed in Vietnam to help herders. Hmong puppies are extremely cute and extremely cat-like.

Recently, adorable Hmong puppy videos are gaining popularity on the Internet. Many users immediately noticed the exceptional similarity with cats. Some have even suggested that the cat-dog breed, a hybrid of both cat and dog, is actually a thing.

Origin of the Hmong?

The Hmong is a breed of dog native to Southeast Asia. For more specific information, it is believed to have originated in Vietnam and, according to legends, its predecessors were wolves. Hmong people living in mountainous areas are guard dogs.

They are not found everywhere in the country, but they are found in provinces like Lao Cai, Ha Giang and some areas in the northeastern region of Vietnam. The animals are considered a national treasure. They are not recognized by the FCI due to their lack of popularity, but in Vietnam in particular, the breed is recognized by the VKA (Vietnamese Canine Association).

The Hmong frequently participate in the national dog exhibition organized by the Vietnam Native Dog Club.

It should be noted that the Vietnamese do not have a particular vision of race. Many people see Hmong as normal mongrels and it’s the puppies that get the attention.

Gấu Mèo – Nguyễn Văn Dúi

Physical characteristics

The breed is generally medium to large in size and is designed to be compact. Their fur is thick and short and can be black, brown or white.

In rare cases, brownish-reddish colored dogs are a very expensive and valuable pet.

Some Hmong puppies are white with markings on their chest and legs, which highlight their unique and attractive look. They also sport a distinctive face, with large almond-shaped eyes and erect ears.

The original idea was that it was believed that the Hmong were the first to have their ears and tails cropped, as they believed that cropping the ears would make them more powerful and alert when hunting in the forest.

Hmong dog weight and size

  • Height at the withers: The Hmong is a medium-sized dog. Males grow up to 54 cm, the lower limit is 48 cm, and females are slightly lower. Their height is between 42 and 52 cm.
  • Weight: 16 to 24 kilograms. The proportions are important, obesity is not welcome.


Generally speaking, it is accepted that the Hmong is a breed of dog that enjoys spending time with its family and owners. However, this is an extremely strong protective instinct that will not allow anyone to enter his home. So, to build a bond with a dog, it is essential to start early and train them diligently.

It should be noted that it is true that the Hmong are intelligent and easy to master, they have an excellent memory. They learn quickly and are very loyal. Due to their remarkable flexibility in training, Hmong dogs are often used by Vietnamese officers as bloodhounds or as aids to border guards.

Although the Vietnamese call this dog “cat dog”, the Hmong are generally hostile to cats. These traits are not unusual in hunting dogs.

How long does a Hmong live and what is it?

The Vietnamese Hmong dog is extremely strong and has endurance and strength that makes it capable of handling any situation. They do not suffer from many canine diseases and do not inherit the majority of genetic diseases. In addition, Hmong dogs do not suffer from allergies, and their lifespan is between 15 to 20 years but this will depend on the quality of your care.

The price of a Hmong dog is between $500 and $3,000 and is in line with the cost of purchasing other rare breeds.

Are Hmong suitable for homes?

If you are considering purchasing a pet for your pet, a Hmong may not be the ideal choice. They are a very active breed that enjoys climbing rocks and hunting in mountains and forests. They need space, freedom, room to play and lots of walking. They need 40 to 60 minutes or more to release excess energy. Insomnia can make a pet aggressive and cause them to break or chew objects.




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