A Homeless Cat Brings Her Baby To The Hospital. She Asks For Immediate Help

homeless cat brings her baby to the hospital

A four-legged patient appeared in one of the hospitals in Turkey. In the emergency room, a cat was seen carrying her offspring in her mouth. The worried mother was looking for help for the sick kitten, so she jumped the queue without hesitation and walked into one of the offices.

Although maternal instinct has no clear definition, it is common knowledge that a mother will do almost anything for her child. Additionally, illnesses affecting the offspring can trigger enormous amounts of energy and readiness for the greatest sacrifices in a female. This principle does not only apply to human mothers, as the attitude of a certain cat from a distant country proved.

The cat brought a disabled kitten to the hospital

Merve Özcan described the whole situation on Twitter. A Turkish resident was in the emergency room of an Istanbul hospital when she saw a tricolor kitten. She held a kitten barely a few weeks old between her teeth. She clearly wanted the doctors to help her baby.

You should know that Muslims, who make up the majority of the country’s population, have a special affection for cats, consider them blessed animals, and even allow them to sleep in mosques. Indeed, according to ancient traditional beliefs, the Prophet Muhammad was very fond of cats, especially his cat named Muezza. It is said that while preaching, the pet held a place of honor in his arms.

This partly explains the behavior of the hospital staff, who immediately ran to see what had happened. Turks are known for their love for stray cats, which is why they took care of the mother cat and her offspring.

Footage posted online shows paramedics and doctors crowding around the cat, petting and scratching it behind the ear, then offering it food as the youngest patient was taken to the doctor’s office.

The doctors made an exception, the kitten was taken care of off the line

Even though none of the hospital staff were veterinarians, there was no doubt that something was wrong with the baby cat. Otherwise, his mother wouldn’t have brought him to a building full of strangers.

Turkish doctors carefully examined the disabled animal and began to worry about the condition of the kitten’s hind legs. The position of the legs indicated “swimmer’s syndrome”, i.e. a genetic and deficiency disease. Puppies and kittens with this condition, instead of getting up and walking on their own, move their limbs like a rower.

Hospital staff came to the conclusion that the kitten needed to be examined by a specialist. The mother and her baby were taken to a veterinary clinic where they were examined by vets and found to be healthy. Everyone involved in helping the cat family breathed a sigh of relief.

The photos posted on Twitter quickly circulated on the Internet, and the touching story showing animals’ boundless trust in humans won the admiration of netizens around the world. Turkish hospital workers have seized the opportunity, showing that every patient, whether human or cat, deserves professional help.

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