A Homeless Cat Roamed The Streets Hugging Everyone In Hopes Of Finding A Family

homeless cat hugs find family

This homeless cat roamed the streets of New York giving hugs to everyone he saw in hopes of finding a family.

Sophia is a homeless cat of about 10 years old, who had been wandering the streets of New York for a long time, just looking for someone to take her home. After the death of her human several years ago, the “family” left her on the streets and since then she has been waiting patiently outside.

Farhana, a volunteer with a rescue group in Queens, New York, came across the friendly cat while visiting a friend. She was on the sidewalk when she saw Sophia sitting there, watching her.

Farhana told Love Meow:

“When I called her, she walked slowly towards me and put her paws on my knee, trying to get up. As soon as I sat down, he was on my lap. Neighbors said she belonged to someone and locked her away after her human died, she was shy and affectionate with everyone who looked at her.

A homeless cat hugged everyone

Sophia rescued from the streets

He later discovered that this cat was no stranger to many people in the neighborhood.

Farana said:

He lived a few blocks away and followed my friend around that block while feeding a lot of savages in the neighborhood. He’s a beautiful, friendly cat who shouldn’t be wandering the unforgiving streets of Brooklyn. She was once a house cat and she knows how to charm humans.

Farhaha came back for the cat and with the help of a friend and fellow rescuer they managed to get her off the street. Flatbush Cats, a rescue group in Brooklyn, takes her in.

sophia sleeping

Farhaha said:

Sophia enjoys relentless cuddles and sleeps with us every night. Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone could let her down. She’s such a special creature with so much love to give.

sophia the cat

We know not to ask too much of cats; be grateful for the smallest gestures of affection. But Sophia just wants to share her love with us. It must have been extremely difficult for her to wait this long for warmth and companionship, as she is clearly happier in your arms or in your lap.

During the first few days in the foster home, she suffered from separation anxiety and would not leave her humans or eat without someone nearby.

Sophia in the foster home

Farhaha added:

She was always afraid that this new dream would end. She has encouraged us after so many difficult days and quietly nestles beside us at night.

Sophia loves hugs

Every day, Sophia waits at the door for her adoptive mother, Rivka, when she comes home. She jumps into your lap for long cuddles, then purrs to sleep.

Rivka said:

She’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met. Every time I sit down, she jumps on me, curls up and falls asleep.

sophia rescued

Sophia received treatment for an ear infection and a few other medical issues.

sophia sleeps
sophia is loved

Flatbush Cats posted on Facebook:

Our hope is that by the end of October she will be ready for a loving forever home, where she can be the center of attention (and only pet). Your new human will be so lucky to come home to home and snuggle up every day.

Images: Facebook / Flatbush Cats


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