Homeless Cat Steals The Show At Fashion Show

homeless cat steals the show at istanbul fashion show

A cat paraded during the Esmond International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey. Right in the middle of a recent fashion show, the homeless kitten decided to take the stage, become the center of attention and win everyone’s hearts.

People in the fashion industry can be notoriously hard to impress, but onlookers didn’t see it coming. The feline was not a model invited onto the stage to show off new models, but an intruder who didn’t care and who sat among the passing models, doing his thing.

The public was more enthusiastic about the animal act than the haute couture.

homeless cat steals the show at istanbul fashion show

Homeless cat steals the show at fashion show

Göksen Hakkı Ali, a fashion designer, told The Dodo:

“Everyone was in shock.”

It’s unclear where the cat came from, but his motives were pretty obvious: he wanted the attention and admiration of the public.

Here is a video of the cat in action:

While the feline is first seen licking its paws and tail and enjoying being the center of attention, it would even throw small tantrums at models because it didn’t want to share the scene. Then she couldn’t last long and started to attract even more attention as she walked the runway with great enthusiasm and confidence.

homeless cat steals the show at istanbul fashion show

When asked if the budding feline model could have a future in the fashion industry, Hakkı Ali admitted that it couldn’t be ruled out.

He said :

“Ha ha maybe. Why not?”.

Such talent is certainly hard to pass up.

Images: Instagram / _hknylcn

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