Homeless Dog Shows Up At Couple’s Wedding And Becomes Part Of Their Family

homeless dog appears wedding couple turns part family

The very day that Douglas Robert and Tamíris Muzini decided to unite their lives in marriage, their new family grew and all in an adorable way. The new addition to their household was someone the couple never expected to find, let alone this way.

Just as the beaming bride arrived at the church for her most important day, she spotted a homeless dog mingling with the gathered guests. There was something unexpected about the dog’s appearance there, but for her, he was the perfect wedding intruder.

Tamíris told The Dodo:

“He surprised me. I thought, ‘Look, there’s a dog inside the church. My heart melted.”

Homeless dog shows up at couple’s wedding

Dog appears at a couple's wedding and is now part of their family

As soon as the ceremony began, the dog remained in place, watching from the doorway Tamíris and Robert exchange their vows. When the ceremony ended, the couple, now officially married, and the friendly dog ​​met at one of the doors, the canine was delighted to see them, it seemed that he was there to greet them.

The newlyweds were moved by the dog’s reaction to meeting them. But, in addition to what appeared to be good wishes from the hairy people of the church, there was another message that came from the heart.

Tamiris ensures:

“When he greeted us at the end, he said, ‘Take me home. Ride me’.”

Dog and bride and groom at a wedding

So without hesitation, at that moment, the wife and her husband decided to adopt the dog from the church, adding a fabulous member to the union they had just formed together a few minutes ago. It turned out that day would also be the dog’s big day.

Homeless dog shows up at couple's wedding

The couple named him Braiá Caramelo and they promised to love and care for him forever. From the signs of past wounds on his body, the road to this happy moment hadn’t been easy, but that was all in the past now.

Tamiris added:

“He’s so loving. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people. He gives us hope.”

homeless dog is adopted

Today, Braiá Caramelo is adapting wonderfully to her new life with her new adoptive parents. And while many years of joy and adventure surely await the three of them, this boy has undoubtedly already found happiness forever.

Finally, Tamíris said:

“He is very happy, very energetic and full of life. Truly, he adopted us.”

Images: Instagram / caramelodejesus

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