Homeless Dog Sneaked Into Apartment And Ended Up Adopted: ‘She Was Scared And Shaking’

homeless dog sneaked apartment adopted

Something that is often doubted and should not be the intelligence of dogs. Although these furry animals are often funny because of their clumsiness or the disasters they can cause, we must not believe that they are stupid, because when they need to solve a problem, they will concentrate all their energy there. and their abilities.

Often dogs are forced to deal with endless complications when living on the streets. That’s when they learn to defend themselves and survive at all costs, because they know they have no one to help them.

homeless dog sneaked apartment adopted
Aliene Coutinho

It is for this reason that a dog who has been through situation of this nature will do everything possible to get out of it, even if he has to use all the tools at his disposal. They just want a safe place to live, a plate of food and love, that they will strive for.

One example is this dog from the streets of Brasilia, Brazil, who surprised residents of a residence after she very cleverly managed to sneak into the condominium without anyone noticing her.

According to local media outlet So Noticia Boa, an investigation was first undertaken to find out who the owners of the furry were, but what they discovered was that it was a homeless dog. The neighbors, seeing her so frightened, went to help her immediately, waiting for her owners to appear, but no one claimed her.

homeless dog sneaked apartment adopted
Aliene Coutinho

Once inside the condominium, he refused to leave and ended up winning the hearts of the families living there. “The dog arrived so scared that she shivered when someone approached her! She was captured and started to receive help,” said Aliene Coutinho, a resident of this community, in a conversation with So Noticia Boa.

“She slept with a resident. She will be examined by the vet this morning. We obtained, through a fundraising campaign, money for tests and possible castration,” Coutinho added.

Luckily for the dog, this condo has a special area for pet care, so she’s come to the right place.

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