Homeless Dog Who Couldn’t Get Up Thanks Her Rescuer With A Hug

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

Annie McHound, a homeless dog, just under 3 years old, was found by a family in a corner of their garden on a hot summer day. They didn’t know how long she had been there, but given her thinness, they knew time was running out.

So, they put the dog in a large plastic container and immediately called Stray Rescue of St. Louis for help. When the team of volunteers arrived, they found that Annie was suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Donna Lochmann, rescue director of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, told The Dodo:

“She was in really bad shape when I got there. I really don’t think it would have lasted much longer.”

A homeless dog thanks her savior with a hug

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

Fortunately, the family was able to contact the shelter for help just in time. Annie was emaciated and covered in more fleas than her rescuers had seen in a long time.

Once Donna brought Annie to her car, she called the veterinary team at the shelter to let them know of the dog’s condition. With that phone call, Annie gained a dedicated group of first responders who were ready and willing to help.

When Annie arrived, the first thing the team did was give her a bath. However, after cleaning her up, they quickly realized that she couldn’t take care of herself. So they did their best to make her comfortable, wrapping her in a soft blanket and placing her in one of the kennels.

They tried to give him fluids to help him regain his strength, but when that didn’t work, they decided to send him to an emergency center for a blood transfusion.

Everyone at the shelter was head over heels in love with her within hours of meeting her, and they couldn’t wait for her to come back. The volunteers were eager to take care of the little dog.

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

After Annie returned, she had to spend most of her time in an oxygen chamber to strengthen her lungs, which were badly damaged by anaemia. And, of course, the shelter staff were with her at all times. They sat with her in the sun and took her outside when she was not receiving oxygen therapy.

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

Lochmann adds:

“We wanted him to get some fresh air. And she really liked spending time with us.”

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

Annie’s health gradually improved until she no longer needed an oxygen chamber to breathe. So, they moved her from the clinic to the shelter where she could be with other animals.

Donna recalls:

“That’s when he finally started acting like a dog. She started making friends with other dogs and loved playing with them.”

Annie was immediately placed in foster care after leaving the clinic. And although she hasn’t been adopted yet, Donna is thrilled to see her flourish.

The adoptive mother, said in a Facebook update:

“Annie is doing very well! She loves being around people, dogs and even my cats. She loves playing outside. She comes and goes in the garden all day, sometimes lying on her bed in the sun. What she likes the most is playing with people. She loves to fetch a tennis ball, but she doesn’t always feel like putting it back […] She’s so adorable and we love having her here!”

homeless dog thanks rescuer hug

Although Annie’s story isn’t over yet, Stray Rescue of St. Louis is happy with how far their brave daughter has come, despite it all.

Images: Facebook / Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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