Homeless Kitten Chooses Her Human In Park And Won’t Let Him Go

homeless kitten chooses human park

While Kawasaki Hina was walking in the park one summer day, she stumbled upon an adorable homeless kitten. The feline refused to leave his side, following him all the time, inevitably stealing his heart. Without hesitation, Kawasaki brought him home in a box and their journey together began!

Little did he know that Vell, as he decided to call the homeless kitten, had bigger plans. Before long, she was snuggling comfortably on his lap and taking naps with him, Vell even helping Kawasaki Hina around the house, her new best friend always having a paw to support herself when she needed it.

Kawasaki told Bored Panda:

“She immediately fell asleep at my house. She’s like family to me. I think she loves me too. We’ll be together forever.”

Homeless kitten chooses her human in park and won’t let him go

homeless kitten chooses human park

When the kitten came home with him that day, they quickly bonded, with the feline finding solace in his rescuer.

From now on, the charming little two-year-old cat has become her faithful companion on all occasions, even when she is doing the laundry! From the first meeting, it was obvious that this was love in its purest form.

homeless kitten chooses human park

Kawasaki wrote on his Twitter account:

“Vel-chan, who used to be a stray, finally started doing KanColle, watching anime, playing Luka prpr, and playing musical instruments.”

homeless kitten chooses human park

It’s amazing to see the unconditional love Vell has for Kawasaki and how it’s part of his life. What a beautiful story of friendship! This shows that animals can form strong bonds with people, even if they were once homeless.

homeless kitten chooses human park

We’re glad Kawasaki gave Vell a chance. Now they are inseparable best friends and we hope this story puts a smile on your face. After all, it’s a lovely reminder of the power of friendship!

Images: Twitter / @Kawasaki_Hina

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