A Homeless Kitten Met A Woman Who Completely Changed His Life

homeless kitten ran woman changed life

This homeless kitten ran to a woman who saved her from the streets and completely changed her life.

Nadija, an animal rescuer who is part of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue center, was contacted to help a kitten who was hanging around a house. The homeless little feline was skin and bones, and its face was covered in scabs and wounds.

When Nadija learned of the feline’s condition at the time, without hesitation she rushed to the scene in search of him to take him to an emergency vet.

Nadija told Love Meow:

When we arrived, we saw the kitten, but at first it didn’t come. After playing for a few minutes, I decided to play a YouTube video of a mother cat meowing. Within seconds, she was running towards me, meowing and looking happy.

A homeless kitten ran to a woman who changed her life

street kitty

Maybe at that moment the kitten thought it was his mother calling him and ran for cover.

Nadija says:

I went to get her and we went to the emergency room. He kneaded dough on the conveyor and curled up to sleep.

The kitten, who was named Rue, was seen by the vet, where they discovered she had health issues including an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection. She was dehydrated and had stomach problems.

The volunteer adds:

He spent the night in the emergency room to receive all the care he needed. Even though he didn’t feel well and was in a place with strangers, he kneaded all the time.

Homeless kitten is rescued

The next morning, Rue was in a better mood and started eating and taking her medication. She was very happy to see Nadija when she came back to take her home. Rue was excited about the idea of ​​sharing the comforts of a loving home. As the days passed, the scab on his face was gone, he was breathing much better, and his energy levels were skyrocketing.

Nadija added:

Originally, he was a very shy and sensitive kitten. Any noise or quick movement would freeze her or hide her, but now, weeks later, Rue has found her confidence and is a completely different cat.

Adorable rescued kitten

His favorite place to take a nap was the blanket basket. The feline dropped into it and fell into a deep sleep. Since regaining his energy, he enjoys running around the house and causing trouble with other kittens.

Nadija said:

One of his favorite things and one of his skills is to always find the sunny spot in the house to sunbathe.

Homeless kitten is rescued from the streets

Rue and another rescue kitten named Ari enjoy holding hands while sharing the sun. Rue has been transformed into a brave and playful kitten. He likes to run around the house playing with his feline friends, exploring every corner of his house.

shelter kitty

Finally, Nadija added:

She snuggles up to me on the sofa and is very playful. It’s so sweet to see her regaining her confidence, being a happy kitty, not caring about the world and just enjoying life, especially after the rough start she had.

Now the sweet kitty is ready to find a loving forever family to share every day of her life with.

Images: Facebook / Tiny Paws Fosters


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