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Hospitalized for a year, he realizes his dream of seeing his dog again

The story of Niguarda, where Buk, that’s the name of the animal, was able to enter the room

He had been suffering from the disease in hospital for a year. And for a year, he dreamed of seeing his dog Buk again. A dream that Mr. Roberto, hospitalized at Niguarda in Milan, Italy, was finally able to realize.

“I would really like to see my dog Buk.” A wish expressed in a low voice, almost without being heard, affirms the hospital on its social page. A whistling sound which, however, was immediately greeted by the nurses and OSS of the Niguarda orthopedics and traumatology department, close to Roberto throughout his stay in the hospital. His journey, in fact, has been long and complex and is not yet over because despite the improvements, Roberto is still hospitalized after almost a year.

A period – they continue to explain from Niguarda – very difficult and painful that, despite everything, he always managed to face with his head held high, accepting his condition and accepting the indications of all health workers without ever complaining. That’s why, when he gave in to a moment of despair, the team wanted to take the opportunity to listen to his silent request and, almost a year later, offer him the joy of being able to once again kiss his four-legged friend.

Hospitalized year realizes dream seeing dog
ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda

Pets are not always allowed to enter the hospital: they can only enter certain departments and under certain conditions. Fortunately, management, the head doctor and the nursing coordinator found a solution to satisfy Roberto. So Buk was brought to the hospital area where, after a long time, wagging his tail, he was finally able to greet his owner.

Overwhelmed by the joy of this meeting, the service staff also let themselves go with emotion, happy to have been able to offer Roberto “care” based on listening and sensitivity to the patient’s needs.

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