How To Care For A Cat In Summer?


It is extremely important to pay attention to the care of a cat during the summer, because at this time of the year, the strong presence of parasites and the heat contribute to our feline being able to get sick, especially if we are talking about newborn kittens or puppies.

It should also be noted that during the summer, our cats are more predisposed to sunbathing, which increases their vitamin D levels and gives them greater well-being.

In this article, we will walk you through the care of a cat in the summer and explain what steps you need to take to avoid a problem and how we can help them get less heat. Find out everything you need to know about cats in the summer below.

1. Make sure it hydrates

The summer heat makes our cats dehydrate easily and for this reason, any owner should be able to identify dehydration in a cat. Just gently pinch the skin on the nape of the neck and see if it comes back to its place in a few seconds or if it stays where we left off. The elasticity of the skin is directly linked to hydration. To prevent our cat from becoming dehydrated, it must have fresh, clean water at all times. In addition, if renewed regularly, this will encourage the cat to drink.

Another important aspect that directly influences hydration is the diet of the cat. Dry foods (also called kibbles) tend to cause more thirst, on the contrary, canned wet foods contain a high percentage of water, which helps them to hydrate. Another option may be to opt for homemade diets, which by not going through a drying process also provide him with extra water.

Here are some additional tips for keeping a cat hydrated:

  1. Add an ice cream to the bowl of water: This little trick will make the water cool longer and thanks to that, we won’t need to renew it so regularly.
  2. Get a source of water: more and more people decide to buy a source of water for cats, because it not only cools them, but directly influences their enrichment and their play behaviors.

2. Take care of their fur

The coat of our cats is a natural protective barrier which insulates them from the cold in winter and keeps them cool in summer, for this reason, taking care of the cat’s fur must be one of our priorities. Thanks to a regular brushing routine, we will be able to remove dead hair and dirt, which will help our cat to feel fresher. Ideally, a short-haired cat receives two to three brushings per week and a long-haired cat receives it at most every two or three days.

Persian cats in the summer, as well as other breeds of long-haired cats, tend to suffer much more from the heat and this is when owners wonder if it is advisable to trim the hair of the cat in summer. The truth is that, as we have explained, the coat helps the cat to feel fresher, as long as it is well brushed and free from knots and dead hair, for this reason it is not advisable to cut the hair of a cat in summer. In fact, an excessive cut can heat our feline and even predispose it to sunburn.

A curious detail is that many people wonder if cats lose weight in the summer. It is really about our perception. Cats do not lose weight, but constantly lose their fur (although more exaggerated in spring and autumn) to adapt it to room temperature, which leads us to see them thinner.

3. Watch the hours of sunshine

It is a fact that cats love sunbathing: they appreciate the warmth and relaxation that sunlight gives them pleasure. However, we need to make sure that during the hottest hours, our cat is not directly exposed, as this can cause heat stroke.

If our cat has access to the outside, it is preferable to limit its departure times to sunrise and sunset and that during the day it stays inside. If you seem bored or agitated to go out, we can stimulate it with play sessions, petting or brushing.

But if locking it up at home is not an option for you, we recommend that you buy a refreshing cat mat, which will help keep it cool when it needs it. You can place it on your cat’s bed in summer or in a shaded place outside.

4. Visit the vet

As we have advanced in the introduction, summer is a time of year when external and internal parasites abound, for this reason, one of the first measures that we recommend to ensure good health for your cat, is to go to the vet to acquire external and internal dewormers. Although your cat will not leave the house, it can still be infested with other factors (such as mosquitoes) or the dirt you can carry in your shoes. Likewise, following the cat’s vaccination schedule will also be particularly important, as this will depend on the presence or not of serious viral diseases.

5. If you go on vacation

It is perfectly normal that during this time of the year you plan to spend a few days of vacation, do you really know how many days a cat can be alone at home? And more precisely in summer? No! Cats need regular monitoring, as they are very curious animals who, in their eagerness to play and discover, could knock over their drinking fountains, even if it is a behavior you have never observed before. and that you consider unlikely. They could also be dried by the coat itself.

If you are going on vacation, be sure to contact someone who can visit your home once a day to make sure everything is going well. Explain how to cool your cat, how to protect it from the heat, and many other tips to consider, such as getting plenty of water in the summer.

If on the other hand you evaluate car trips with a cat, make sure to provide water from time to time and never leave it alone inside the car, because a vehicle in the sun increases its temperature extremely interior, predisposing your cat to suffer the heat stroke already mentioned.

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