How do you know if your cat misses you? You can’t miss these 3 signals, the last one is very disturbing

How do you know if your cat misses you
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Cats are animals that value life on their own terms. This does not mean, however, that they never suffer from nostalgia. Some pet cats cannot tolerate the time they have to spend alone, waiting for their owner to return. A missed pet communicates its emotions in different ways, even if some signals are not always obvious and clear to caregivers. How do you know if your cat misses you? Check if you are interpreting your pet’s behavior correctly.

Does the cat miss its human?

Cats are animals that are reluctant to show their emotions. It’s no wonder that many caregivers don’t know if their pet is stressed or regrets leaving them home alone. Even scientists who analyze animal behavior admit that understanding cat emotions is a very complex issue that requires constant research.

Specialists from the University of Lincoln, who conducted research on sexual desire in domestic cats, came to the conclusion that cats do not experience this emotion in the same way as dogs or humans. When cats are forced to spend long hours alone, they feel irritated, sad, frustrated and stressed. These feelings manifest themselves in different ways.

How do you know if your cat misses you
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How can a cat show that it doesn’t like being left home alone?

1.     The cat can’t get enough of you

By far the most enjoyable form of display of affection by cats toward humans is various types of petting. If your pet always greets you with a purr, it’s a sign that he’s happy that you’re home. Many pet cats can’t get enough, even a few hours after returning home to their owner. The more intensely the animal makes up for lost time, the more we are sure that a lot of emotions have accumulated in the cat during the hours spent alone.

2.     He waits by the window or door

Cats who don’t tend to vocalize often show that they don’t like to be left alone in a much more discreet way. If, when you leave the house, you see that your pet is closely monitoring your every move through the window, know that a “free house” is not something that makes him happy. Some cats can spend entire days at the window or in front of the door, waiting for their owner to return.

How do you know if your cat misses you
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Does your cat do this? This is his way of showing you that he hates loneliness!

3.     Meows or “howls”

Cats, compared to dogs or other pets, relatively rarely make sounds. Of course, this is not an absolute rule, because each cat has its own preferences and ways of communicating with the environment. Some cats, when left home alone, meow loudly or even whimper in a manner that may sound like a crying baby. Sometimes this only lasts a moment, although some individuals may behave like this for several hours. In this way, some cats make it clear that spending time alone is very uncomfortable for them. We can only complain about the neighbors who, after listening to the cats’ concerts all day, may suspect that we do not take sufficient care of our animal or, even worse, conclude that we are harming it.

Interestingly, cat vocalizations irritate humans due to the sounds they make, including: Purring has a frequency reminiscent of a baby’s cries, which unconsciously triggers our protective instincts. To avoid the situation described above, a good solution is to purchase a cat surveillance camera with microphone function. Thanks to the device, we can not only keep an eye on our pet when we are away from home, but also whisper sweet words to him that will probably bring him comfort.

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