How Long Can I Leave A Cat Alone At Home?

cat home alone

Despite the fact that the cat is an independent animal, he still wants to get some attention and communication with humans. Left home alone, cats can naughty or accidentally harm themselves. Wires, poisonous plants, household chemicals, plastic bags, electrical appliances – all this can be a threat to the health and sometimes the life of a little researcher.

Therefore, it is important to know for how long a cat can be left alone and what is necessary to ensure that the environment in which the cat is located is safe and the cat is healthy and happy.

Cats and loneliness

Despite their reputation as independent and free animals, cats experience the stress of being alone for long periods of time. Cats are social animals. They become attached to the owner, miss him and yearn without attention and affection. Lack of attention causes the cat to become depressed and impulsive. Unfortunately, the signs of separation anxiety in cats are invisible at the initial stage.

Unlike dogs, which, due to anxiety of separation from their owner, begin to bark for no reason or spoil property, cats will try to stay close to the owner, follow him from room to room, meow loudly, and problems with the toilet may also begin.

How long can a cat be left alone?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, since it depends on the habits of the animal, the environment in which it lives, as well as on the state of health and age.

The table (see below) indicates the optimal residence time for a cat alone, given its age:

Under 4 months2-4 hours
4-5 months5 hours
6 months8 hours
Healthy adult animals24-48 hours

It is important to remember that the table shows the maximum stay of one cat. If the time of the owner’s absence exceeds the specified time, then we recommend that you agree with someone close to you to come and visit your cat. It is very important that the cat has enough food, fresh water, a comfortable place to sleep and a clean toilet during the absence of the owner. It is also important that the environment in which the animal will be located is safe. It is necessary to limit access to sharp objects and poisonous plants.

To prevent the animal from getting bored, you can leave the TV or music on, provide access to toys. Good entertainment can be houses and scratching posts, as well as interactive feeding toys.

cat home alone

Leave the cat at home alone overnight

If the cat is healthy and the environment in which it remains safe, then there is no problem in being alone at night. The main condition is to leave enough food, fresh water and a clean toilet. If the animal has health problems, signs of separation syndrome appear, or the animal is still a kitten, then in this case it is necessary to find a way out how not to leave the animal alone at home for such a long period of time. It is best to arrange with loved ones to look after the animal while the owner is away. In this case, the owner himself will be calmer, and he will be sure that everything is in order with the animal. Nowadays there is an opportunity to find people who offer services for looking after pets. This can also be a solution to this situation.

Leave the cat alone for the weekend

Whenever there is a need to leave a cat alone for more than a day, you need to find someone to look after her. There are several reasons for this:

  • There may not be enough power;
  • Every day the animal needs fresh, clean water;
  • It is necessary to clean the toilet;
  • The cat needs communication;
  • The cat may be bored and lonely;
  • The cat may become sick or injured;
  • A change in weather can affect the behavior and well-being of the animal;

Some nuances can be disregarded if the animal is self-sufficient and has enough of everything. For example, combining water fountains with water bowls can provide the animal with fresh water. With automatic feeders, the cat will be regularly fed. You can also leave several toilets.

But it is important to remember that technology sometimes fails, and that no toy can replace communication with a person.

Cat alone at home

It doesn’t matter if the owner is absent for several hours or several days, there are things that must be observed when leaving the cat alone:

  • The keywords are food, water, safety and entertainment.
  • it is important to provide your cat with fresh water. Place a few bowls or buy a drinker
  • make sure to leave enough feed. Of course, if the owner is absent for only a few hours, then you can adhere to the usual diet. Cats love routine. It can be provided by leaving the automatic feeder, which at a certain time will dispense feed to the animal in portions. It should be remembered that any technique sometimes fails.
  • Clean the toilet and leave some more clean toilets so a clean toilet is available if needed.
  • Leave a safe environment. Hide all dangerous items – household chemicals, poisonous plants, sharp objects, small toys, plastic bags. Unplug electrical appliances from the electrical outlets and make sure the cat does not reach the wires. Close the toilet lid. Close windows.
  • Create an interesting environment for the cat. Scratching posts, cat toys, places where a cat can sleep and rest in peace – these are all the first necessity for an animal. Additionally, you can leave the radio or TV on.
  • Before leaving, play with the animal. Discuss all the nuances with the person who will look after the animal about feeding, habits and health. Leave the contact phone number of the veterinarian and your own, in case of urgent need.
cat home alone

Kitten home alone

When leaving the kitten alone, special attention should be paid to the food, water, toys and potential hazards left behind. Alternatively, you can consider a large cage in which the kitten can be safe. It is also important that there is enough space in the cage for games. In addition to the cage, you can use an empty room or a bathroom. The most important thing is safety. It is necessary to limit access to household chemicals, sharp objects, wires, plants, plastic objects, as well as small objects that the kitten can swallow. It is important not to leave the kitten alone for a long time. If this is not possible find someone who can look after him.

Do cats miss their owner?

Cats are very attached to their owner and the rest of the family. They quickly notice the absence of the owner, miss and yearn for him. If the cat begins to meow loudly when the owner leaves the room, this means that the animal is missing him. The following signs may also appear: the animal is on the heels of the owner, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, vomiting, diarrhea. With such signs, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian in order to understand what is happening to the animal, as it may be health problems or stress manifests itself this way.

It is important not to get angry and not punish the animal if it wrote to you in slippers or anywhere else in the house. Cats don’t take revenge. It’s just that the animal wants to say that it is bored.

How to entertain a cat?

The best entertainment and toys for cats while the owner is away:

  • Interactive cat food toys;
  • Toys (balls, catnip toys, toys with feathers, mice, cardboard boxes, etc.);
  • Vertical scratching posts;
  • TV or music;
  • Bird feeder outside the window;
  • Another cat;
  • A person who can come and play with the animal.


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