How long does a cat remember its owner? Find out how a cat’s memory works

How long does a cat remember its owner

If you’ve ever had to leave the house for a few days, you’ve probably wondered how long a cat remembers its owner. Indeed, although they are affectionate and full of love to give, cats express their feelings in a somewhat different way than dogs.

So, it’s understandable that you have this doubt, but don’t worry. We have created a guide that will answer all your questions! Keep reading to find out how long a cat remembers its owner!

Do cats have memory?

Before answering how long the cat remembers its owner, we must explain if the cat has a memory. Scientists from Kyoto University, Japan, carried out a study published in 2016 on this subject.

The researchers placed 48 cats in a room with four jars: two with treats and two empty. Then they took the animals out of the room and returned the furry animals to the same place after 15 minutes. Arriving there, the cats immediately looked for the jars that previously contained snacks.

With this experiment, scientists concluded that cats’ memory is good because a previously occurring event influences their actions! In other words, your pet is perfectly capable of remembering you.

How long does a cat remember its owner?

Although concluding that cats have memory, previous research analyzed an interval of just 15 minutes. This does not answer how long a cat remembers its owner, as an animal typically lives with its owner for many years.

In fact, even science cannot answer this question. Indeed, it is impossible to determine how long a feline’s memory lasts. You should take it away from its owner and observe how long a cat remembers its owner.

Does the cat miss the owner?

Determining how long a cat remembers its owner is a difficult task. However, does the cat miss its owner? For this question, we can again turn to science!

In 2015, researchers from the University of Lincoln, in England, tried to understand the behavior of the feline! To do this, they carried out a simple experiment: 20 cats were placed in a room next to their owners. After a while, the owners left and the cats were accompanied by strangers.

Eventually, the animals were completely alone in the environment. At all these times, the reactions of the felines were recorded and analyzed. The results showed that they do not lose their security in our absence, but that does not mean that the cat misses its owner or not!

However, another 2017 study proved that cats prefer their owners to the food bowl! Well, at least most of them. They were left for two hours in a stimulus-free environment. Two hours later, they were taken to another location.

In this new place, they had the opportunity to choose between their guardians, their favorite blankets, their toys and their food bowl. Half preferred their caregivers, which suggests that we’re not just food providers for the cat: they actually enjoy interacting with us!

The independence and affection of cats

But don’t get carried away by just one study! Determining a cat’s memory is a difficult task, but this does not mean that it forgets its owners. Another research carried out by Oakland University in the United States demonstrated that a feline has a bond with its owner.

During the test, scientists analyzed the cat’s reactions when it saw its owner happy, sad or angry. Then a similar experiment was carried out with strangers. They discovered that the cat reacts much more intensely when interacting with its owners.

Thus, it was concluded that the mustachioed man knows how to interpret the emotions of his owners and act differently depending on each situation! This is unprecedented research, which has demonstrated that a cat is capable of understanding different emotions and even showing empathy!

How to realize your cat loves you

It’s not difficult at all. Naturally, the cat shows its love to you in a feline way, and it is up to us to understand its language. Some of their actions are pure love and occur when he:

  • Sleeps with you;
  • Meows quickly and briefly, coming to meet you every time you arrive;
  • Looks at you, blinking long and hard;
  • Purrs every time you arrive;
  • Lies down and shows her pretty little belly;
  • Rubs against your legs.

In fact, most of these signs above he learned from his mother and repeats them with you, which is why some researchers say he considers us a “big mother”. It can be difficult to determine how long a cat remembers its owner, but one thing is certain: this animal has a lot of love to give you!

Just because he doesn’t show it effusively doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you when you leave – just notice his behavior when you return. He certainly shows, in a “catchy” way, that he prefers you to be there with him. So, cats miss their owners, yes!

Indeed, felines have a different way of showing affection. Just like humans, every animal has a personality. That’s exactly what makes four-legged friends so special!

Now that you know how long a cat remembers its owner, do you want to know more about feline behavior and other curiosities? Access other articles from the Pets Feed website and learn how to provide health and well-being to your four-legged child!

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