How Much Water Should A Cat Drink?

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink

Sometimes the owners do not see how the cat drinks water. But she is alive and well. Sometimes pets play with a dripping faucet or drink from glasses, decorative fountains, or pots of water. Maybe you should not pay attention to how much the cat drinks? The animal knows best what it needs, right?

But does this mean that we should not care about how much water the cat drinks? Absolutely not!

It is very important to ensure that the cat drinks enough water, as this is the most essential ingredient. Lack of fluid in the body of a cat leads to metabolic disorders, slow digestion of food, overweight, apathy and many other health problems. Let’s find out how much water a cat should drink, what are the signs of dehydration, and how to track water intake.

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink

How much water should a cat drink?

A distinction must be made here between cats that eat only dry food and those that prefer semi-moist and wet food or a combination diet. Since dry food contains only 6-10% moisture, it should be washed down with plenty of water.

An adult 10 kg cat should drink 261 +/- 52 ml of water per day. The rule here is that the need for water should be equal to the need for calories. Thus, if an animal consumes 300 kcal per day, it must drink 300 ml of water in order to be able to properly digest food.

A cat needs 44 to 66 ml of water per kilogram of body weight daily. Remember this rule, and it will be easier for you to answer the question “How much water should my cat drink?”.

Alternatively, the rule “50 ml of water per kg of body weight daily” can be used.

There are three main approaches to calculating water consumption rates:

  1. ml/kg body weight;
  2. ml/kg of ingested dry food;
  3. ml/kg of consumed kcal.

Regardless of which approach you use; water intake can be calculated from the combination of water intake in the form of moisture from food and water obtained while drinking.


Keep in mind that on a low-carbohydrate diet, your cat will need to drink more water for proper kidney function.

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink

How to control your cat’s water intake?

If your cat doesn’t have a habit of drinking anywhere other than his bowl, it will be easier for you to calculate your water intake.

Start by counting the amount of moisture you get from food. Determine how many grams of dry or wet food was eaten and calculate the amount of moisture in it (~10% in dry food, 70% in wet food).

If possible, find a bowl with a ml scale – you will see how much pure water was drunk.

Observe your feline friend’s habits: does he drink water from a home fountain, faucet, your glass?

Now that you know how much water a cat should drink per day, you can determine if the amount of water intake is within normal limits.

To help pet owners keep track of their water and food intake, some companies are creating useful devices and dispensers.

What is dehydration for cats?

Simply put, dehydration is the lack of water in a cat’s body. Unfortunately, some pet owners do not pay attention to the signs of this condition and only notice dehydration when it becomes severe.

Dehydration has symptoms such as:

  • Sunken eyes, loss of appetite, dry mouth and lips. If the cat is severely dehydrated, it looks and feels unwell.
  • Increased heart rate;
  • Signs of apathy;
  • A dehydrated cat has flaky skin and may develop dandruff. Check the elasticity of the skin: pull the skin back a little, it should quickly regain its shape.
  • In a dehydrated cat, the coat becomes dull and dry to the touch.
  • In addition, pets that drink little, urinate very rarely. The urine becomes intensely yellow and smells stronger than before. Check the litter box and remember that adult cats urinate 2-3 times a day.

Why does my cat drink so much water?

There may be several explanations for this.

When your pet eats a lot of dry cat food, he needs to drink a lot of water for proper digestion.

Some pets are special drinkers, for example, they will only drink water in the presence of the owner.

Some cats only like moving water, so they prefer to drink from an open faucet. Also, they may do it just for fun.

Ailments and illnesses (diabetes, kidney disease) can cause pets to drink more than usual.

How Much Water Should A Cat Drink


1.     Always keep the water fresh!

Some owners ask: “Why does my cat drink from the toilet?”. Pets love fresh water, so if you change the contents of the bowl once a week, don’t expect your feline friends to be willing to drink.

You can use either tap or filtered unboiled water. Change it at least once a day and don’t forget to clean the bowl regularly. If you notice a strange smell from it, change the bowl.

2.     Keep several bowls of water in different places.

It is very important to have multiple bowls of water to encourage your pet to drink more. If you have several cats, put their bowls in different places: they will not always drink from the same bowl, so sometimes the smell of another animal is repulsive.

3.     Control your cat’s water intake

Regularly check how much your pet drinks: this will help you to identify possible health and digestive problems in a timely manner. Consider all sources of moisture: food, bowl water, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Is it normal for a cat to drink a lot of water?

Yes, if your pet eats only dry food, he needs to replenish the amount of moisture in the body. However, if the water intake is constantly exceeded, take the cat to the veterinarian – check if she is healthy.

How do I know if my cat is drinking too much water?

Signs of excessive drinking include:

  • The cat approaches the water bowl more often;
  • You are adding water to the bowl more often than usual;
  • The cat began to drink in places that she previously ignored.

Should I force my cat to drink water?

Absolutely not, if your pet consumes a normal amount of water (or slightly less than the norm). You can simply attract your cat by providing fresh water, new sources and places to drink (remember the few glasses?), and swapping dry food for wet food.

Why is my cat drinking from the toilet?

There are two reasons for this: 1) your pet wants fresh water, and you should change the water in the bowl more often; 2) your cat is dehydrated and is looking for sources of water. If you use toxic cleaners and detergents, please close the toilet lid – this will save your cat from poisoning.

Final thoughts

When answering the question “how much should a cat drink”, the weight, age and eating habits of the animal should be taken into account. Those fed dry food require much more water than those fed canned food.

In general, if a cat has a healthy appearance, shiny and not tousled hair, clear eyes, she is cheerful, playful, active, with a good appetite, she has normal digestion – which is confirmed by regular deposits in the tray))) – you should not worry about how much water does your cat drink

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